"It Was Hard For Me At First To Find Words For Why I Hated — Simply Hated — Cougar Town"

"It's girls-gone-wild feminism for 40-somethings. It's ridiculous and belittling and it stinks of another round of backlash… All the most cartoonish aspects of boorish middle-aged masculinity… [Courteney Cox's character is] so very pitiful." — Judith Warner. We suspected. [NY Times] »9/25/09 6:40pm9/25/09 6:40pm

Why Sarah Palin Incites Near-Violent Rage In Normally Reasonable Women

I don't like »9/05/08 2:00pm9/05/08 2:00pm Sarah Palin. Maybe you But I don't like any politician who is diabolically anti-choice, who , who supports tearing up the environment and increasingly privatized health care. What I've written on this site about Palin so far has been pretty restrained, considering what I feel for her privately could be…