Florida Judge Charged with Over a Dozen Instances of Improper Conduct

Earlier this year, Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover was removed from a case after sending one of her litigants a friend request on Facebook and then allegedly retaliating against the litigant when her request was denied. Well apparently Schoonover has quite the record of "ethical wrongdoing"—like more than a dozen and… »9/02/14 10:50am9/02/14 10:50am

Arkansas Judge Fills Message Board With Helpful Info on Sluts

The internet is rife with opportunities to take your dick out and swing it around on forums where users don't have to post under their real names. Unfortunately, if you're a public official taking advantage of the internet's illusion of anonymity to commit some major ethical faux pas, it doesn't take many carelessly… »3/07/14 5:45pm3/07/14 5:45pm

The Supreme Court Upheld Your Right to Lie in the Name of Love (and/or Boning)

If you were too busy anxiously awaiting yesterday's health care decision, you may have missed the Supreme Court's ruling on United States v. Alvarez, a case concerning the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act, which charged people who lied about winning military awards like the Congressional Medal of Honor. The… »6/29/12 7:40pm6/29/12 7:40pm