Israel Looks for Solutions to Its Ultra-Orthodox Men Problem

Israel's army is a subject of fascination to many Americans, primarily because they draft not only male civilians, but women as well. There's a group of Israelis though who, until recently, were actually exempt from conscription: ultra-Orthodox men and women. And it's their lack of inclusion in the draft, similar to… » 6/07/13 4:10pm 6/07/13 4:10pm

This Wedding Had 25K Guests, But Is It Enough for Style Me Pretty?

Some people get their rocks off obsessing about the Royal Wedding, which definitely ranks as one of the most elaborate (and popular) celebrations of Christianity still remaining. For those of the Jewish faith who felt left out of that display, here's equally insane alternative: the wedding of Rabbi Shalom Rokeach,… » 5/22/13 12:30pm 5/22/13 12:30pm

Oklahoma Republican Says the Words 'Jew Me Down' on the House Floor

Because of his awesome judgment and giant brain, Oklahoma State Representative Dennis Johnson broke out the phrase "Jew me down on a price" during a floor debate about the challenges facing small businesses. After someone slipped him a note pointing out that it's 20-fucking-13 and the last year in which it was… » 4/22/13 9:30pm 4/22/13 9:30pm

Sarah Silverman's Sister Was Detained By Israeli Cops for Wearing a…

Here's the gist of the controversy over Israel's holy Western Wall: lots of Jewish women think they deserve the right to pray aloud, read from the Torah, and wear religious garments there, just as men do, but the ultra-Orthodox caretakers of the site have made sure they're prohibited by law from doing just that.… » 2/11/13 1:40pm 2/11/13 1:40pm

Just Let Jewish Women Pray How They Wanna Pray at the Western Wall, for…

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assigned famous former dissident Natan Sharansky an impossible task that The Daily Beast's Dan Ephron calls "almost cruel in its complexity." No, it's not brokering peace in the Middle East, but coming up with some sort of compromise between Jewish women who want to pray at… » 2/06/13 11:10am 2/06/13 11:10am

Women Arrested at Western Wall For Refusing To Remove Prayer Shawls

Since the first arrest of this nature back in 2009, a number of women have been detained by Israeli security for attempting to pray at Jerusalem's Western Wall with tallitot, fringed prayer shawls that are traditionally reserved for men. While the Wall (called the Kotel by some) is considered one of the great… » 12/23/12 3:50pm 12/23/12 3:50pm

New Jewish Sex Site Brings the Fun to the Frum

As Katie Baker reported last week, folks looking for a Jewish partner are spoiled for choice, with more dating sites catering specifically to the Tribe than candles on a menorah. But that abundance stands in contrast to the paucity of writing celebrating Jewish sexuality itself. Filling the gap (as it were) is a new… » 10/24/12 10:25am 10/24/12 10:25am

Sarah Silverman's Dad Gets in Commenting War With Dickish Rabbi

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt, who is apparently not only a Rabbi but the definitive judge of good Jews, women, and pastrami sandwiches (he also manufactures kosher meat), is concerned about Sarah Silverman. He's mad, too — mad that her most recent political initiative, "Let My People Vote," employs biblical rhetoric — but,… » 10/15/12 2:20pm 10/15/12 2:20pm

Orthodox Rabbis Fight NYC’s Effort to Warn Parents About Herpes Risks…

Super-duper Orthodox Jewish leaders in New York are bristling under the Health Department's plan to mandate a parental consent form before rabbis perform the ancient circumcision ritual called "metzitzah b'peh." So far, some 200 rabbis have objected to the city's mandate, and have signed a proclamation claiming that… » 9/02/12 4:15pm 9/02/12 4:15pm

Ultra-Orthodox Men Now Wearing Special Blinders to Avoid Seeing Sexy…

Feeling tempted by scantily-dressed women on the bus, or sexy billboards by the side of the road? If you're an ultra-Orthodox man in Israel, you're in luck: you can now buy special blinders to prevent sin-enticing images from sneaking into your peripheral vision. As the Times of Israel reported yesterday, an… » 8/08/12 4:50pm 8/08/12 4:50pm

Orthodox Jews Are Unsure How They Feel About Divalicious Aspiring…

We can't really blame New York City's political reporters for obsessively covering Mindy Meyer's every glittery move — the 22-year-old is 1/3 Elle Woods (soo much pink), 1/3 Sarah Palin (Meyer didn't know who NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was and was surprised to hear that the state had legalized gay marriage), and 1/3… » 8/02/12 2:00pm 8/02/12 2:00pm

What Do Gymnastics, Orthodox Judaism and Feminism Have in Common? Me.

When people find out that you grew up as an observant Jew, a game I like to call "20 Questions About Orthodox Jews" is inevitable. Here are a few couple of prime examples: "Is it true that you guys have sex through a hole in a sheet?" Or: "Why do married women shave their heads and wear wigs?" And once, they find out… » 7/30/12 4:45pm 7/30/12 4:45pm

The Decline of the Jewish Girl Nose Job

There was a time — not too long ago — when a nose job was practically a given for a Jewish girl of means. But recent plastic surgery statistics show that 37 percent fewer Americans got nose jobs in 2011 than in 2000. Obviously there's the small matter of the financial crisis, which left most Americans with less cash… » 6/07/12 11:40am 6/07/12 11:40am

Massive Anti-Internet Rally for 'All Jews' Except, Duh, Women

Have you heard about the gigantic rally being planned on Sunday, May 20th at Citi Field in Queens "to combat the evils of the Internet and the damages caused by advanced electronic devices"? No? Well, you guys, it's going to be HUGE. As some Israeli rabbis explained in an article called, "A Letter from our Masters… » 4/27/12 6:20pm 4/27/12 6:20pm