Bachelor Juan Pablo Is Seriously Trying to Sell You a Refrigerator

The lovable sassy blonde hoodlum known as Juan Pablo isn't just making women squeal on The Bachelor. He's been tapped to star in commercials for Rochester Appliance, an Upstate New York-based store that sells washers, dryers, refrigerators – you name it, they've got it, even a hunk of blonde Venezuelan man meat. »2/21/14 3:45pm2/21/14 3:45pm

Beyoncé Performed at Michelle Obama's Bday With Tutu-Clad Blue Ivy

Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party was this weekend; it was shrouded in secrecy (no one was permitted to use social media). Reportedly, President Obama did the dougie — posing a very vexing existential question: if a very important world leader engages in a two-year-old dance craze and no one Vines it, then why the… »1/20/14 9:13am1/20/14 9:13am