'Exciting' 'Scenes' From the Royal Baby Watch

Being a journalist is really hard, guys, especially if you're a journalist who gets paid to sit around and wait for a baby to drop out of a female human's uterus. Despite an estimated mid-July due date for Kate and William's bundle of joy, reporters staked their very important claims to the land in front of the… » 7/15/13 11:40am 7/15/13 11:40am

Five Journalists Who Also Worked in Strip Clubs

Leave it to Houston Press writer Richard Connelly, author of "The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List," to wring his hands upon learning that Houston Chronicle writer Sarah Tressler was also working at a strip club. Tressler — who just gave her first interview this morning on GMA — is just part of a rich… » 3/30/12 3:05pm 3/30/12 3:05pm

Freed Female Times Journalist Describes Groping In Captivity

Among the four New York Times journalists just released after six days of captivity in Libya is one woman: Lynsey Addario, a photojournalist with a distinguished record in war zones. It appears from the journalists' accounts to their Times colleague that she was treated as badly and as well as her colleagues, with an… » 3/22/11 1:45pm 3/22/11 1:45pm