Journalist/Multi-Tasker Sarah Tressler Gives First Interview Since Being Outed as a Stripper

Houston society journalist Sarah Tressler has given her first interview since being outed as a stripper by newspaper the Houston Press; since the story broke two days ago, Tressler has been fired from her reporting job at the Houston Chronicle for "not revealing her off-duty dancing." Despite that misfortune, she… »3/30/12 10:40am3/30/12 10:40am

Journo Tries The Phelps Diet • More Female Neurosurgeons Needed

A male journalist in England tries »8/15/08 5:30pm8/15/08 5:30pm the Michael Phelps 12,000-calories-a-day diet. Spoiler: He doesn't get Phelps' athletic bod. • in Russia, even though the word "vagina" had to be altered on posters because of censure of the word for being "vulgar." • The repeated use of showed an increase risk of developing skin…