Jourdan Dunn Happy Not to Walk in 'BS' Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Now That Rihanna's Out

It looks like Jourdan Dunn won’t exactly be losing sleep over not walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The supermodel tweeted—and then deleted—a snarky comment about being happy not to appear in this year’s show, especially now that Rihanna has cancelled her performance. »11/03/15 2:00pm11/03/15 2:00pm


'No, My Feet Are Fine!' And Other Met Gala 2015 Afterparty Tales

After all the fêting that was unleashed at Monday night’s Met Gala, clearly the only thing to do was to fête some more. Afterparties sprang up all across the city, in locales as varied as The Mark—the posh hotel across from the Met, where Solange is lamping above—and semi-random clubs like Up&Down, which is right in… »5/05/15 11:50am5/05/15 11:50am

Jourdan Dunn Suggests That Some Designers Think Diversity Is a Trend

Racism on the Fashion Week runway is well-documented, and even though NYFW 2012 was the most diverse in ages, some shows still displayed a glaring lack of diversity. It’s a problem that everyone in and around the industry is (or should be by now) hyper-aware of. Maybe awareness is being raised, but, at the same… »9/08/13 3:30pm9/08/13 3:30pm