How To Make Black Widow Truly Awesome, According To Richard K. Morgan

Black Widow’s rise to badassery arguably began in 2004, when Richard K. Morgan wrote a miniseries that revamped her backstory and gave her a much stronger inner life. And now that we’re all talking about Black Widow in the wake of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Morgan has some thoughts about how to achieve her full… »5/08/15 3:26pm5/08/15 3:26pm


Joss Whedon Quit Twitter to Work, Not Because of Scary Feminists

When Joss Whedon quit Twitter last week, many speculated that it was because of criticism he was receiving about the latest Avengers movie, which he wrote and directed. But now, in a lengthy interview with BuzzFeed, Whedon says that any analysis (including some from Patton Oswalt) that he did so because people were… »5/06/15 9:50am5/06/15 9:50am

Neil Gaiman Explains How the Phrase ‘Strong Women’ Begets Lazy Writing

It shouldn't be any harder to write strong (as in, fully-wrought and believable) female characters than it is to write strong male characters because women, just like men, are people (not that not being a person has ever prevented a character from existing in the first place). Still, the very idea that a popular male… »12/29/13 1:00pm12/29/13 1:00pm

Keep Flyin': An Exclusive First Look at Firefly Online

Browncoats rejoice! Joss Whedon's space Western Firefly may never return to television, but the 'verse goes on. And soon, you'll be able to have a ship and crew of your own, when Firefly Online launches for the PC and Mac. We've got an exclusive first look at the ships, the guns, the characters and more. »12/12/13 9:01pm12/12/13 9:01pm

Joss Whedon is actually completely wrong

Joss Whedon is currently being hailed as a great feminist theorist,* because he said that “feminist” implies that equality is not our natural state, and we should instead simply call not-equal things “genderist.” This is somehow an improvement upon “sexist”, “anti-feminist”, and “misogynistic”, because, well, he said… »11/09/13 5:58pm11/09/13 5:58pm

Watch Joss Whedon Make the Perfect Speech About the Word Feminist

"I hate feminist. Is this a good time to bring that up? Is this the right forum for that?" Joss Whedon said at the beginning of his speech at an Equality Now dinner Monday where he'd been asked to speak because of his work on gender equality. "I hope I'm being clear," he added. "I didn't say I hate feminists; I said… »11/07/13 10:00am11/07/13 10:00am

Can Amy Adams Pull Off Janis Joplin Biopic? Lee Daniels Thinks So

A Janis Joplin biopic that's been on the books for almost a decade now — and been considered as a vehicle for damn near every under-40 actress out there — is finally looking more concrete. Lee Daniels will direct as his follow-up to The Butler, and he's cast Amy Adams as the lead. She seems a bit ethereal for it, but… »8/24/13 12:00pm8/24/13 12:00pm

Joss Whedon Is Pissed That There Aren’t More Superheroine Movies

Little-known indie filmmaker Joss Whedon — the guy who wrote Alien: Resurrection, created a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer that hardly anyone has heard of ever, and scored a writing credit on the first Toy Story — has written and directed a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It comes out… »6/07/13 9:30am6/07/13 9:30am

Joss Whedon Reminds You Kindly That Peace is Not the Same as Happiness

For everyone who had the first black ringmaster of Barnum and Bailey circus as their commencement speaker the year that their friend's school got Conan O'Brien, or went to a college that adamantly refused to pay for interesting people to come so they were stuck long-winded self-involved speeches from professors at… »5/28/13 5:20pm5/28/13 5:20pm

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing Looks Totally Awesome

If you ever doubted the talent and drive of Joss Whedon, keep in mind that his upcoming film adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing — which is already getting praised by critics all over the place — is just something he threw together for fun on his short bit of downtime after he wrapped on The Avengers.… »3/07/13 5:50pm3/07/13 5:50pm

Joss Whedon Weighs in on Buffy vs. The Avengers' Natasha Romanoff

Joss Whedon has been out and about promoting two movies (Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers), but that doesn't mean he's too busy to send some love Buffy the Vampire Slayer's way. When asked who would win in a fight between the teenage vamp killer and the Avengers' Natasha Romanoff (played in the movie by Scarlett… »4/11/12 4:10pm4/11/12 4:10pm

Felicia Day Wants You to Know That Geeks Are Cool Now and She's Telling You in Song

I don't mean to blow anyone's mind here, but Felicia Day is very pretty. She has a nice face and beautiful hair and probably doesn't get judged for being a geek based on appearance alone. That said, her devotion to geekdom is genuine — she's written and starred in five seasons of The Guild, a webseries revolving… »4/02/12 6:15pm4/02/12 6:15pm