Fritzl's Horrifying Incest Basement Will Be Filled With Concrete

The man who is liquidating the estate of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian father who impregnated his daughter and kept her and her children prisoners in his basement, says he's going to fill the basement with concrete so that no one can go in there ever again. Meanwhile, Fritzl is serving a life sentence in prison. » 8/12/11 4:10pm 8/12/11 4:10pm

Fritzl's First Interview: "I Love My Daughter."

To which we can only respond to the man who raped his daughter more than 3,000 times, imprisoned her and their children in a bunker and incinerated another, "that word does not mean what you think it means." » 11/02/10 12:45pm 11/02/10 12:45pm

The "American Fritzl" Is Charged—And A Different Kind Of Damage May Be…

An Ohio man faces charges of imprisoning one child and raping another. Jeffrey York allegedly kept his large family isolated and dressed them in "19th century clothing." With notable understatement, an investigator says, "They weren't like a traditional family." » 9/08/10 1:36pm 9/08/10 1:36pm

"New Jersey Fritzl" Had Six Children With Daughters

In a horrific case sure to be compared to that of Josef Fritzl, a New Jersey man is accused of raping his five daughters and fathering six children, while evading detection by a child welfare agency. » 3/11/10 9:30am 3/11/10 9:30am

Baby Mixup Leads To Lawsuit • Secret To Happy Marriage: Separate Houses

• A woman from Illinois freaked out recently after she found out that she had breastfed a stranger's baby by mistake. She is now suing the hospital for their mix up. • » 2/15/10 5:40pm 2/15/10 5:40pm

Search Begins For Missing WWII Pilot • Sense Of Smell Linked To…

• Today a group of archeologists, divers, and volunteers began the search for Gertrude Tompkins Silver, who served as a fighter pilot during WWII and has been missing since 1944. She is the only WASP still unaccounted for. • » 10/13/09 5:40pm 10/13/09 5:40pm

"Australian Fritzl" Makes Headlines After 30 Years Of Abuse • Man Wins…

• A man from Australia has been named the "Aussie Fritzl" after police discovered that he raped his daughter repeatedly over the course of 30 years and fathered four children with her. » 9/17/09 5:40pm 9/17/09 5:40pm

Fritzl Sentenced To Life In Psychiatric Center

Josef Fritzl was sentenced yesterday to life in prison, which he will serve in a psychiatric facility. However, due to a loophole, he could be released in 14 years. » 3/20/09 9:30am 3/20/09 9:30am

Fritzl Trial, Day 3: Josef Fritzl Pleads Guilty On All Counts

Today, day 3 of his trial, Josef Fritzl suddenly reversed his plea to guilty on all charges, including the murder of his infant son. He said that watching daughter Elisabeth's videotaped testimony changed his mind. » 3/18/09 9:30am 3/18/09 9:30am

Fritzl Trial, Day 2: Defense Portrays Rapist Abuser As A Caring Family…

In court today, the defense said Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years, raping her, and fathering her seven children, was "not a monster." His daughter's testimony said otherwise. » 3/17/09 9:30am 3/17/09 9:30am

Austrian Abuser Admits To Rape, Denies Murder On First Day In Court

Josef Fritzl, the 74-year-old Austrian man who kept his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her, has pled guilty to incest but denies murdering his infant son. » 3/16/09 9:30am 3/16/09 9:30am

Recovering Otter Cuddles Teddy Bear • Russian Baby Born With Two Penises

This poor otter was near death when Camilla Ravenshear found him wandering alone on the road. He is now feeling much better, and is now taking comfort in his new teddy bear friend. • » 3/11/09 5:40pm 3/11/09 5:40pm

Retiree Builds Sanctuary For Cats • New Details Released In Fritzl Case

Meet Craig Grant, founder of Caboodle Ranch. The 30-acre property is home to 500 unwanted felines. Using money out of his own pocket, Grant built an entire kitty-town, complete with lakefront cabins. • » 3/02/09 5:20pm 3/02/09 5:20pm

Even First Kids Have To Make Their Beds • Writers Question Slumdog's

• We'll point it out again for those who missed it: The First Couple are strict parents. Sasha and Malia have to make their beds, scoop dog poop, and be in bed by eight. » 2/23/09 5:30pm 2/23/09 5:30pm

Woman Arrested For Molestation Of Adult Male • Serena Williams Is…

• A Colorado woman has been arrested for assaulting a male friend. After the man woke up with her hands "in [his] ass," she said, "what did I do... kill somebody?" • » 1/29/09 5:40pm 1/29/09 5:40pm

Women Better At Picking "Cute" Babies • Anti-Choicer Crashes Car Into…

• Researchers have announced that women are more talented at picking out "cute babies" than men because of our reproductive hormones. • » 1/22/09 5:40pm 1/22/09 5:40pm

2008 Jezebel Hall Of Infamy

Vanity Fair's "Hall of Infamy" contains Spitzer, Blago, Joe the Plumber, various failed strategists and corrupt Wall Streeters and David Archuleta's father. All bad, but they forgot a few... » 12/24/08 12:00pm 12/24/08 12:00pm

Flowers In The Cellar

As mentioned previously, there's a 56-year-old man currently on trial in the UK who is being called the British Josef Fritzl » 11/26/08 11:40am 11/26/08 11:40am because he consistently during a 25-year period, during which he impregnated them 19 times in total. According to the , "His younger daughter told of the frightening habit her father had of…
Prosecutors announced today that Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter in his basement for 24 years and fathered her 7 children, has been charged with the murder of one of his children who died in infancy. He has also been charged with rape, incest, false imprisonment and slavery. Fritzl is the… » 11/13/08 9:20am 11/13/08 9:20am
More Fritzl horror: In a psychological examination for his upcoming tiral, Fritzl claims that he locked his mother » 10/30/08 10:20am 10/30/08 10:20am in a bricked-up room in her house from 1959 until her death in 1980. In the same interview Fritzl says he never thought of his daughter as a daughter but more as his "wife and partner." []