Gold Medals and Gold Dresses at the Salute to Women in Sports Gala

Last night in New York, athletes rubbed elbows at the 33rd Annual Salute To Women In Sports Gala. If you miss some of the faces you got to know during the Olympics, fret not: Rowers, gymnasts, swimmers, track stars — the gang's all here! » 10/18/12 1:55pm 10/18/12 1:55pm

America Loves a Crying Gymnast

American Jordyn Wieber is gymnastics' reigning World Champion and was a favorite to take home an all-around medal during the London Olympic games — until yesterday. Even though she performed well, it wasn't enough. Fate and goofy Olympic rules intervened and Wieber was knocked from the all-around final by her underdog… » 7/30/12 11:45am 7/30/12 11:45am