Two Men Arrested In Frightening Plot To Murder Joss Stone

Yikes. Two men were arrested near the home of Joss Stone; they had in their possession swords, rope and a body bag, as well as maps and aerial photos of Joss's secluded property. Horrifying. Luckily, police were called when neighbors spotted the two men acting suspiciously near the 24-year-old singer's rural home.… »6/15/11 9:00am6/15/11 9:00am


Hugh Hefner's Fiancée Cheating With Dr. Phil's Son

Crystal Harris is reportedly carrying on with Dr. Phil's son Jordan McGraw, engaging in some PDA—kissing and hand-holding—recently at Chateau Marmont, according to Life & Style. The 24-year-old pair met through Organica, the record label for which Jordan worked as Crystal's music producers (she's an aspiring recording… »3/23/11 1:08pm3/23/11 1:08pm