'Purity' Used to Target Women, But for Franzen, Purity Targets Men 

Purity starts out, as Jonathan Franzen’s books do, with a word used unusually well, a little signal that the author is in control. In The Corrections, it was “the berserk wind.” In Freedom it was “conniving with the coal industry.” In Purity, it was “without undue weirdness transpiring,” where “transpiring” has the… »8/31/15 3:45pm8/31/15 3:45pm

Jonathan Franzen Considered Adopting Iraqi Orphan to Better Understand Young People

Hold onto your little clitorises of discernment, you stuffy literary cunts: the bad boy of books (and bird watching!) Jonathan Franzen is BACK, having begun his press tour for his new novel Purity, and GUESS WHAT? He doesn’t give a FUCK what you think about him. (But please buy his new book! Pleeeeeeease!) »8/21/15 2:20pm8/21/15 2:20pm

Nell Zink's Review of Franzen's Purity Mysteriously Vanishes From n+1

Early Wednesday, n+1, beloved magazine of the internet intelligentsia, published novelist Nell Zink’s mocking and joyful review of Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming novel, Purity. By mid-afternoon, the contents of the article were replaced by this note: “This page is temporarily unavailable. Return to the n+1 homepage or… »7/15/15 5:00pm7/15/15 5:00pm

We are Virgins Among Cowboys: Jezebel Goes to a Romance Convention

Two brave and sensual members of Jezebel staff (Kelly Faircloth and I, hello!) have come to Dallas to rub elbows with blockbuster romance writers, steely cover models, and wolf-whistling fans at the Romantic Times’ annual convention. Now in it’s 32nd year, the RT Booklovers convention takes all the typical tropes of… »5/13/15 3:10pm5/13/15 3:10pm

Audubon Society Slams 'Sad Ravings' of 'Consumerist' Jonathan Franzen

When he isn’t sharing his thoughts about the Internet with the Internet, bestselling author Jonathan Franzen is a birder. He recently wrote a long essay speculating that the looming threat of global climate change is encouraging us to abandon more concrete (but smaller-scale) bird-related conservation efforts. He… »4/03/15 1:50pm4/03/15 1:50pm

Jonathan Franzen Accuses Jennifer Weiner of 'Freeloading' on Sexism

Serious Male Novelist Jonathan Franzen would like you to know he still has zero respect for Jennifer Weiner, a popular writer whom he admits he hasn't read but considers insufficiently serious for his manly tastes. This time, Franzen accused Weiner—who talks often about sexism in the book world—of "freeloading on the… »2/13/15 2:30pm2/13/15 2:30pm