Eli Roth Attempts Glitter Vampire Look

Today in Tweet Beat, Eli Roth doesn't recommend glitter for men, Martha Stewart parties with Diddy, and Jon Favreau cuts his hair with a Flowbee. » 11/20/09 7:20pm 11/20/09 7:20pm

Kiefer Surrenders To Cops; Paula Claims She's Never Been Drunk

Rick Warren Is Thinking About You Naked

Rick Warren can only barely keeping from fucking you, but Ana Marie Cox and I will protect one another and the nation's 4-year-old lottery winners from harm with our new Jon Favreau TV show. » 12/19/08 10:00am 12/19/08 10:00am

Everyone's Angry At Barack Obama

Actually, Ana Marie Cox and I aren't angry at all, but other people are, so we talk Rick Warren, Rod Blagojevich, R. Kelly, Crocs, things to do in the cold, Jon Favreau and TV sitcoms. » 12/18/08 10:00am 12/18/08 10:00am

Women Disagree About The Propriety Of Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau's…

When Grope-gate kicked off last Friday night with the publication of this picture of Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau on the Washington Post's website, I waited in breathless anticipation for the outrage. By the time I woke up post-auto-asphyxia, almost no one had gotten outraged! I wondered, was Phillippe Reines that » 12/10/08 4:30pm 12/10/08 4:30pm

Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau Has Grabbier Hands Than Bill Richardson

For Thanksgiving, Some Heavy News For Reflection And Fluff For Dessert