JoJo's Video for 'Say Love' Is a Moving PSA About the Difficulty of Loving a Manbun

“Say Love” is my favorite song from the JoJo “tringle”—it’s a giant, barnstorming ballad, with a chorus that’s like JoJo calling corners, letting the melody swirl up into the wind—and now it’s got a video, which does a great service to the young women of America by illuminating the struggle of getting a guy with a… »10/28/15 12:30pm10/28/15 12:30pm


Watch This Assertive Little Flower Girl School Her Dad on How Weddings Are Done

Here’s the number one rule at the wedding JoJo is running for her dad: You can’t call her name when she’s walking down the aisle. No, you can’t even call her “princess.” Why? Because she’s going to be busy walking down the aisle and they’re not going to think you’re a good dad. Don’t you know anything?
»9/21/15 2:50pm9/21/15 2:50pm