Spice Girls Reunite to Celebrate David Beckham's 40th Birthday

Yesterday ageless blonde guy, David Beckham and wife Posh Spice celebrated his 40th birthday. Since Beckham’s birthday was, until yesterday, a national holiday in the UK, he decided to celebrate in the most British way possible: by reuniting the Spice Girls in Morocco (or maybe just inviting some of your wife’s… »5/03/15 10:30am5/03/15 10:30am

Johnny Weir's Pre-Kentucky Derby Hat Is a Thing of Beauty

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are working as NBC fashion commentators for the Kentucky Derby this weekend, which meant that Friday on The Today Show they gave us a taste of what they were going to bring to the table fashion-wise. For Tara, that translated into tasteful black feathers. For Johnny, that meant a crazy… »5/02/14 9:45am5/02/14 9:45am

Newly-Retired Skater Johnny Weir Will Still Dare to Be Gay in Russia

This morning on Today, Johnny Weir announced that he has officially retired from competitive skating and will not participate in a third Olympic Games. "I get old," he offered up as an explaination. Weir had an additional announcement: He will be joining NBC as an "expert figure skating analyst" — doing commentary on… »10/23/13 11:10am10/23/13 11:10am

Anderson Cooper Gets Tough and Calls a Guy a Bitch for Trying to Take His Picture

Anderson Cooper usually seems like a big ol' pile of giggling niceness, but apparently early morning flights bring out a sharper side of him. He was on Kathy Griffin's Bravo show and told the story of little run-in he had on his 6 a.m. flight to L.A. for the taping. He was just sitting there—and oddly enough Johnny… »6/24/12 8:00pm6/24/12 8:00pm

The Part Of Gloria Steinem Will Be Played By... Demi Moore

Not since her star turn as a single mom-cum-stripper who gets caught up in steamy political hijinks in opus Striptease have I been so excited about a Demi Moore movie role — albeit for real this time now she's been cast as none other than Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic, Lovelace. A noted feminist icon —… »1/03/12 9:00am1/03/12 9:00am