An Obsessed John Stamos Fan Remembers His Greatest B-Movie Role

In between playing Blackie Parrish on General Hospital and Uncle Jesse on Full House, John Stamos had a role in the little-known film, Never Too Young to Die. Stamos plays Lance Stargrove, a high school gymnast and son of a secret agent who enters the world of espionage himself when his father is killed by an “evil… »11/06/15 6:30pm11/06/15 6:30pm


An Obsessed John Stamos Fan Watches Grandfathered

The premise of Grandfathered—a seasoned playboy suddenly learns he has a secret son—might not sound so riveting at first. But throw in a dynamic cast, fresh jokes and a new twist, and the new Fox sitcom just might become one of your favorite shows of the season. I laughed out loud multiple times, and no, I had not… »9/30/15 10:39am9/30/15 10:39am

Jessica Simpson Wasn't Drunk on HSN, 'Slurring is Just Part of Her Personality' 

Last night Jessica Simpson tried to sell her clothing line on HSN and the results were, well, mixed. Many believed that Simpson was drunk, slurring her words and talking about her sister’s grey jeans. Nick Lachey reportedly said he was “embarrassed” for his ex-wife. According to an “insider”: “Nick says Jessica will… »9/19/15 10:30am9/19/15 10:30am

An Obsessed John Stamos Fan Watches The Unauthorized Full House Story

Lifetime has always been known for its sordid, affair of the week-type movies, but now the network seems to be rebranding itself to be known for their unauthorized biopics. Last year, they kicked it all off with The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, followed by movies on Brittany Murphy and Whitney Houston. Their… »8/24/15 1:30pm8/24/15 1:30pm

How Dare You Break The Heart of Stamos, Olsens Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently confirmed their non-involvement with Full House reboot, Fuller House, and Uncle Jesse is upset at the news. John Stamos first tweeted, “#heartbroken,” but then took a civil approach: “I understand they’re in a different place and I wish them the best. I promise you will not be… »5/23/15 7:00pm5/23/15 7:00pm

Zayn Malik, 'Exhausted' By Cheating Rumors, Is Taking a Break From 1D

One of the D's from the mysteriously-named boy band One D is going through a lot of stuff right now. After rumors started flying that he was cheating on his fiancé, Zayn Malik (the hottest of all the D's and owner of the best hair) has left the band's most recent tour because he's "exhausted" from all the hate. »3/20/15 9:50am3/20/15 9:50am

What's All This Half-Baked Medieval Crap Doing on My TV?

It has come to my attention that ABC has a medieval musical comedy series called Galavant in the works. This, in addition to The Quest, a reality competition where contestants compete Survivor-like to be chivalric heroes. There is officially too much half-baked medieval shit out there, and it's time to pull the plug. »8/22/14 7:00pm8/22/14 7:00pm