Here's Kerry Washington as Anita Hill in HBO's Confirmation

Kerry Washington, who is playing Anita Hill in the upcoming HBO biopic entitled Confirmation, gave her fans proof in an Instagram on Tuesday. If Game Change, the story of Sarah Palin and John McCain’s presidential and vice presidential election campaign, is any indication, Confirmation will be amazing. »6/16/15 4:30pm6/16/15 4:30pm

Madeleine Albright Loved Her Waffle Date With Leslie Knope

In its final season, Parks & Recreation is really going for it—taking its humor and political heart as far as they both can stretch. Last night's double-header was one for the ages: in the first episode, "Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington," Leslie and April travel to DC to get some support for Leslie's… »2/11/15 3:06pm2/11/15 3:06pm

Meghan McCain Had to Find Out on Twitter That Her Dad Went to Syria

According to a series of Monday-afternoon reports, Sen. John McCain slipped into Syria with the ninja-like grace of a small reptile, maybe a snake, although not a mean, poisonous snake. Probably a peacemaking garter snake (snakes make for positive images, you guys). He became, announced the Daily Beast, the… »5/27/13 8:45pm5/27/13 8:45pm

John McCain Flirts with Reasonability, Thinks the GOP Should Maybe Leave Abortion ‘Alone’

Realizing, perhaps, that his political party might soon be going the way of dimetrodon, former presidential candidate and children's party Yosemite Sam impersonator John McCain went on Fox News Sunday and said that, um, maybe the GOP should pitch "a bigger tent" on immigration reform, and also, just throwing it out… »11/25/12 3:00pm11/25/12 3:00pm

Republican National Convention Attendees Sure Love Sugar Daddy Relationships

The 2012 GOP is a party that promises to return America to the imaginary 1950's white guy wonderland that only ever existed on the teevee, so it's no wonder one might find among its ranks individuals interested in relationships that adhere to, shall we say, antiquated models. Relationships where not only does the man… »9/04/12 5:20pm9/04/12 5:20pm

John McCain Comes Pretty Close to Calling Michele Bachmann Delusional on the Senate Floor

There was a time, before Sarah Palin sashayed onto the national political scene, that John McCain was considered a relatively reasonable member of the GOP. On Wednesday, McCain revived some of that bipartisan temperance when he took to the Senate floor to defend Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary… »7/18/12 11:55pm7/18/12 11:55pm

John McCain Alarms Everyone by Saying Sarah Palin Was His ‘Best’ VP Option in 2008

John McCain shimmied out of whatever chimney he's been practicing his Santa Claus routine in since losing the 2008 presidential election and tried really hard to reassure anyone who's wondering why he didn't pick Mitt Romney as a running mate that it definitely had nothing to do with any supposed irregularities on… »7/18/12 9:30am7/18/12 9:30am

Pot Smoking Meghan McCain Unaware That America Finds Her Insufferable

When Senator John McCain was running for President in 2008, his twentysomething daughter Meghan seemed a welcome nontoxic breeze in an atmosphere poisoned by Palin hot air. She liked sex! She had gay friends! She had a cool iPod playlist! Now, she supports gay marriage and pot legalization and even smokes pot like a… »6/19/12 2:15pm6/19/12 2:15pm

Meghan McCain Calls Adultery Deplorable, But Forgets Her Father Is an Adulterer

Well, you have to hand it to Meghan McCain. She's just taken hypocrisy to a fascinating new level. She's got a new book out, and Politico got ahold of it. In it, she calls Bill Clinton out for having "cheated and lied" during the Monica Lewinsky affair, and says she's "never cheated on a boyfriend" because her parents… »5/29/12 9:15pm5/29/12 9:15pm

Why in the World Would John McCain Tell Mitt Romney to Pick Sarah Palin for His Running Mate?

Today, Arizona Senator John McCain told CBS This Morning that it's time for Rick Santourm to drop out of the race for the GOP Presidential nomination so Mitt Romney can get to focusing on the important stuff — like picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. Since John McCain probably hasn't forgotten about that one time… »4/04/12 3:40pm4/04/12 3:40pm

Former Republican Advisor Admits Sarah Palin Ruined Everything

A former John McCain advisor and Sarah Palin wrangler has admitted that thanks to the former Alaskan governor's disastrous turn as major party running mate, the chance that another woman will be nominated for Vice President is slim. Actually, scratch that: there's an Alaskan snowball's chance in hell that this year's… »3/29/12 1:30pm3/29/12 1:30pm

Defiant Author of 'Show Your Boss Your Whore Pills' Bill Is Rewriting the Damn Thing, Okay?!

The Arizona State Representative responsible for mothering a bill that would have allowed employers to require their female employees show proof that they were using birth control pills for non-slutty reasons (and fire them if they sought reimbursement for pills acquired under false virginal pretenses), can't… »3/21/12 11:20am3/21/12 11:20am

John McCain Thinks It's Time for Republicans to Stop Acting Like Lady-Hating Jerks

On yesterday's Meet the Press, Arizona's John McCain, the crankiest Senator from the nuttiest state, told host David Gregory that Republicans might want to consider dropping this whole uterine crusade thing and focus on things that don't make people think conservatives hate women. You know you're doing something wrong… »3/19/12 2:50pm3/19/12 2:50pm

Sarah Palin Thought the Queen of England Was in Charge of the UK's Armed Forces

After John McCain made the fateful decision to select then-Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 Presidential race, it was quickly clear that while she was a camera-friendly sound byte machine, she wasn't excellent at knowledge. Among her many gaffes? Belief that the Queen of England served as… »2/21/12 11:40am2/21/12 11:40am

Julianne Moore's Sarah Palin Impersonation Unveiled In Game Change Trailer

Here's the first look at HBO's Game Change, the TV movie based on the book of the same name, which comes out in March. Julianne Moore does a pretty good Sarah Palin impersonation (it's got to be hard to follow in Tina Fey's footsteps) and it's nice to finally see McCain's decision to unleash Palin on America set to… »12/21/11 9:26pm12/21/11 9:26pm