Katy Perry Enlists John Mayer for Revenge Against Taylor Swift

The drama between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seems like it’s getting closer and closer to a Dynasty-style, Alexis Colby vs. Krystle Carrington catfight. Perry has next move in this game of pop star vendetta and it appears she is involving her on-again, off-again humping partner, John Mayer, by having him co-write a… »5/28/15 9:05pm5/28/15 9:05pm


Mama June to TLC: Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal Is Even Worse Than Ours!

No need to pay to see Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend because the real-life post-apocalypse is already upon us! And now for the bad news: Our wasteland hellscape of 2015 has replaced dueling bands of violent marauders with the Duggar family and June “Mama June” Shannon, who are now in a feud over who is the worst. … »5/22/15 10:30am5/22/15 10:30am

Bouncer Sues Former Boss, Alleges He Was Forced To Buy Coke For Celebs

Leonard Taylor has helped famous people throughout his career. When he was a personal bodyguard for celebrities like Uma Thurman and Mark Wahlberg, he kept them from physical harm as they wandered around in public. When he worked as a bouncer at celeb-heavy clubs owned by Barry Mullineaux that I can’t even imagine the… »4/24/15 12:10pm4/24/15 12:10pm

John Mayer Gives Epic Interview, Wants You to Believe He's a Good Guy 

"I'm a recovered ego addict," says John Mayer, who sat down with msnbc's Ronan Farrow last week (in a transparent attempt to rid his reputation for being a steaming hot pile of trash). "By day I was this sort of mild mannered kid who nobody really saw. And by night I would be in a room listening to Charlie Parker… »3/08/15 12:30pm3/08/15 12:30pm

The Most Embarrassing Person You've Ever Had Sex With

In a life full of sexual misadventures, not everyone you choose to have sex with is going to be a total winner. In some cases, your sexual partner might even be a complete embarrassment who you can't even tell your friends about, but you go through with it anyway because they're hot, you're horny or, hey, maybe… »1/16/15 6:20pm1/16/15 6:20pm

​Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Wed In Lavish Santa Barbara Wedding

Jessica Simpson and her NFL beau finally married yesterday at the luxurious San Ysidro Ranch resort (apparently where JFK and Jackie spent their honeymoon). Their 1-year-old son Ace was their ring bearer, their 2-year-old daughter Maxwell was their flower girl and was joined by Ashlee Simpson's son Bronx, 5. Oh, and… »7/06/14 11:30am7/06/14 11:30am

John Mayer Recorded a Beyonce Cover And It Doesn't Suck

John Mayer has just recorded his own version of Beyonce's "XO" and as much as I'd like to say it made my ears bleed as if I had used a q-tip incorrectly, it's actually quite good. Sure, Mayer doesn't have Beyonce's driving beat (or powerful vocals —I WILL SAY IT), but this version is soothing. It's what you'd listen… »5/25/14 1:30pm5/25/14 1:30pm