Hillary Clinton Admits to Liking Oval Offices on The Daily Show

Last night, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart fixed his legacy as a comedic faux journalist. Instead of drooling over guest former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as he did with former presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004, Stewart gave Clinton the book, schmook, let's get to the presidential stuff routine. »7/16/14 9:40am7/16/14 9:40am

America Suddenly Being Remarkably Cool to Gay People

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that effective immediately, visa applicants who are married to a person of the same sex will be treated exactly the same as those in heterosexual marriages. And yesterday, the Senate approved several openly gay nominees to various posts with no debate or opposition. It's… »8/02/13 5:30pm8/02/13 5:30pm

Breaking: Teresa Heinz Kerry Hospitalized, In Critical Condition

7:39 p.m: Secretary of State John Kerry's wife and Heinz heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry was rushed to a Massachusetts hospital at around 3:30 this afternoon, according to the AP via Buzzfeed. The 74-year-old Kerry, who has been stabilized but remains in critical condition, had been staying at the family's vacation house… »7/07/13 8:30pm7/07/13 8:30pm

Saudi Arabian Female Driving Activist Manal al-Sharif Calls John Kerry's Visit Useless

Saudi Arabian former computer security consultant Manal al-Sharif, arguably the most public face of those who oppose the Saudi female driving ban, got behind the wheel of a car in May of 2011 when she realized that nobody was taking action against the ban. al-Sharif's friend filmed that drive with an iPhone, put it… »3/23/13 6:00pm3/23/13 6:00pm

Sarah Palin, Pals Wave Goodbye To That Last Shred Of Respectability

  • Sarah Palin knows that John McCain's robocalls are pissing people off and she wouldn't do them if she were running the campaign. However, since she's not running things, she dutifully spoke into the robocall-making microphone like the big boys told her to. [CNN, TPM Election Central]
  • Also, in North Carolina, black…
  • »10/20/08 6:30pm10/20/08 6:30pm

John Kerry To Rachel Maddow: John McCain's Campaign Is "Disgraceful"

John Kerry knows from negative GOP campaigning, and last night, Rachel Maddow invited him to discuss John McCain's attacks on Barack Obama's character. Kerry is disgusted by the McCain camp's obsession with Bill Ayers, and brought up all the questionable folks McCain has palled around with. From the lobbyist who… »10/15/08 2:00pm10/15/08 2:00pm

Which Politicians Do Your Favorite Mall Retailers Really Support?

We still don't know who those Abercrombie-wearing toolbelts at the Barack Obama speech were. But we do, thanks to the media's dogged refusal to back away from this story, know they weren't sent by Abercrombie & Fitch. Employees of the world's worst company only gave a total of $500 to the Obama campaign, and that was… »4/24/08 2:30pm4/24/08 2:30pm

Slate Scribe in Love with Michelle Obama, the Phrase "Big-Girl Panties"

A few weeks after the launch of their barely mediocre no-boys-allowed blog, the XX Factor, Slate has rolled out a new series of articles about the marriages of the Presidential candidates called First Mates. Though the headline might have inspired fears of lady lit ghettoization, Melinda Henneberger's introductory… »10/29/07 10:30am10/29/07 10:30am