John Hodgman Pays Tribute to Jon Stewart's Incomparable Wordsmithery 

Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show will be August 6, and in the leadup we’re probably going to be subjected to endless takes about how he Shaped America’s Discourse. The Daily Show itself wasted no time mocking that trend, with this touching tribute from John Hodgman, which they promise will be the first in a series. »6/05/15 3:10pm6/05/15 3:10pm


Tina Fey To Amy Poehler: "I Wanna Put My Baby Inside You!"

Bummed about how much 27 Dresses sucks? Consider Baby Mama. In the film, out April 25th, Tina Fey plays Kate, a 37-year-old single woman who decides she wants to have a baby. She tries to do it herself — attempts artificial insemination — but her gyno, played by the droll John Hodgman, tells Fey's character, "I… »1/18/08 2:30pm1/18/08 2:30pm