​John Cleese Challenges the Validity of Taylor Swift's Cat

Taylor Swift made an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, and I would just like to shake the hand of whoever made the decision to pair her with John Cleese as guests. Genius. » 10/12/14 11:42am 10/12/14 11:42am

John Cleese Will Play a Villain in a New Baywatch Movie

John Cleese will star alongside former Baywatch stars Pamela Anderson and David Hasslehoff in a film version of the 90s TV series. But there's a catch—the filmmakers can't use the name "Baywatch" in the film. At all. » 7/08/14 6:40pm 7/08/14 6:40pm

The Minister of Silly Walks Turns 74

John Cleese turns 74 today, which is great because it gives us all an excuse to enjoy this clip from the Life of Brian and contemplate all the wonderful things the Romans have done for us. » 10/27/13 6:30pm 10/27/13 6:30pm

In Case You Missed It: Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged

We already informed you of the upcoming Pitt/Jolie vs. Theroux/Aniston matrimonial potato-sack race late last night, but figured it was news worth repeating. » 8/13/12 9:00am 8/13/12 9:00am

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Michael Lohan Accuses Ex-Fiancée Of Incest

Today in Tweet Beat, Michael Lohan is like school in summer—he's got no class. Also, Denise Richards implies that she'll one day spill the beans about all of Charlie Sheen's bullshit, and Jay Manuel's tan is real. » 12/29/09 7:30pm 12/29/09 7:30pm

Graham Chapman Has Ceased To Be, Expired, But Is Not An Ex-Python

In honor of Monty Python's 40th anniversary the entire cast appeared on Regis and Kelly this morning... including Graham Chapman, who died in 1989. Clip at left. » 10/15/09 1:20pm 10/15/09 1:20pm

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Letterman In "Sextortion" Plot; Kanye & Gaga's Tour Canceled

Real Housewife Nene's Stripper Past; Celine Dion Pregnant

Angelina Promises Return To Iraq; Amy Winehouse's Day In Court Is Done

Chastity Bono Is Transgender; Real Housewife Of NJ Welcomes Baby

Mel's Mistress Is Reportedly Pregnant; Winslet Sues Paper For Libel

Rihanna May Get Glossy; Kiefer Sutherland "Was Really Drunk"

Mickey Rourke & Courtney Love: New Couple?

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