Like a Dick, Joey Fatone Tells Tabloid Jessica Biel Is Pregnant

"EXCLUSIVE: JOEY FATONE CONFIRMS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICABIEL ARE EXPECTING BABY NO. 1!" inTouch's headline breathlessly confirms. Subtext: Joey, you are so lucky those two already got married because you would definitely not be invited to their wedding yet again. » 12/16/14 5:20pm 12/16/14 5:20pm

Zach Braff Releases His Own Fuck List

In today's Tweet Beat, Zach Braff stays ahead of the rumor mill, Ellen Page and Megan Amram get new tats and Nick Carter and Joey Fatone are in an *NSYNC/BSB feud. » 4/18/14 7:30pm 4/18/14 7:30pm

Watch Joey Fatone Briefly But Amazingly Dance to 'Bye Bye Bye' in PJs

It's unclear why Bethenny Frankel hosted a pajama party on her show on Monday, but she did and Joey Fatone was there. And apparently after the show, he did a little dance, revealed during Tuesday's episode. And it was glorious. He is very talented. » 11/26/13 5:15pm 11/26/13 5:15pm

Ricky Martin Was a Homophobic Bully While Growing Up

Before Ricky Martin revealed that he wanted to take his clothes off and go dancing with in the rain with men in 2010, his self-loathing for being gay manifested itself in outward anger and bullying, according to his cover interview for GQ Australia: » 8/29/13 9:00am 8/29/13 9:00am

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Split After Years of Crap

Sadly, the united front presented by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones during their shittiest times lately has come to an end — a source claims that the two have separated. :| » 8/28/13 9:00am 8/28/13 9:00am

Joey Fatone Probably Farted During the VMAs

Is there anything that could have made the *NSYNC VMA reunion any better? Yes. There are lots of things that could have made the *NSYNC VMA reunion better — jet packs, the return of Justin Timberlake's ramen noodle hair, a different song catalog. The list goes on and on. Still, there is one thing that happened during… » 8/27/13 4:30pm 8/27/13 4:30pm

Rihanna and Chris Brown Maybe Did Sex in a Bar Bathroom Last Night

Yes, Rihanna and Chris Brown put their faces on each other at a club in the Meatpacking District this past evening after arriving within five minutes of each other. Like the classiest mating call displayed on a Discovery Channel special, Breezy "raised his shirt and was dancing promiscuously" in Rihanna's general… » 10/03/12 9:00am 10/03/12 9:00am

Kirstie Alley Isn't Happy About Ricky Gervais' Scientology Jab

Today in Tweet Beat, Kirstie Alley doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Plus, some celebs are offering to take Regis' job. » 1/18/11 7:30pm 1/18/11 7:30pm

Brad & Angie Vow To Help Haiti; Heidi Montag "Obsessed" With Plastic…

Lisa Rinna Gets Orgasmic Over Italian Designer

Family-friendly programming? Watch as TV Guide Channel red carpet host Lisa Rinna is moved to ecstasy after interviewing Valentino Garavani, whose reps, we might add, would probably never give her a gown to wear. » 2/22/09 6:50pm 2/22/09 6:50pm

Britney Spears: "I Feel Like An Old Person Now"