'Pro-Life Without Exception' Congressman Thinks Women Can't Die from Pregnancy, Thanks to 'Science'

Another health expert from that radical women's advocacy group we call the US House of Representatives has offered a great science-based justification for why abortion should not be available to any woman under any circumstances — not even to save her life. According to Illinois Republican Joe Walsh, allowing women to… »10/19/12 4:15pm10/19/12 4:15pm

Rep. Joe Walsh Tells Diner Patrons that Sandra Fluke Really Ought to ‘Get a Job’

Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, who a few weeks ago ruminated on why everyone was being so mean to Rep. Todd Akin, went on a self-described "rant" on Saturday about how outrageous he thought it was for Sandra Fluke to speak at the Democratic National Convention. As Walsh demagogued from his perch on top of a diner booth,… »9/09/12 1:00pm9/09/12 1:00pm

Illinois Congressman Wonders Aloud Why Everyone’s Piling on Todd Akin

Even though the intransigent splinter of a politician now known to the general public as Todd Akin has earned the ire of many of his GOP colleagues for suddenly jeopardizing a Missouri Senate race that he seemed poised to win, some brave/foolish Republicans have ventured into the bombed-out mediascape to defend Todd… »8/22/12 10:25pm8/22/12 10:25pm