Clinton Wants A Job And McCain Wants To Keep His Bromances Alive

With the election over, the terrorist attacks in India in the rearview mirror (at the moment) and appointment speculation slowing, the news is, as Latoya Peterson of Racialicious says, "weird" today. So it's all about what Bill Clinton wants to do for Obama, John McCain's buddy trip, Saxby Chambliss's win, Jeb Bush's… »12/03/08 10:00am12/03/08 10:00am

Rahm Sightings, Ted Stevens, Secretaries Of State, And Other Political Obsessions

With only two more Senate races left to watch, an Administration to staff and a country to help out of a financial crisis, Rahm Emanuel took some time out yesterday to speak to a bunch of CEOs, and have dinner in the vicinity of The Daily Beast »11/19/08 10:00am11/19/08 10:00am's . What he said, who he was with and all the important details are after…

A Weekend Of Talks For Obama, And Decisions For Clinton?

  • Officials are confirming that Hillary Clinton met with Barack Obama in Chicago to talk about a potential Cabinet slot. Two "senior Democratic officials" confirmed to the Huffington Post that Clinton was offered Secretary of State and asked for time to consider it, but she didn't admit to anything at a press…
  • »11/14/08 6:30pm11/14/08 6:30pm

Politicians Are Certainly All Unsure, Unless They're Sure.

  • Barack Obama will officially resign his Senate seat on Sunday, one day before Congress reconvenes for its lame duck session. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has 60 days to appoint a successor to serve until a special election in 2010, but hasn't signaled who he's leaning towards. [Washington Post]
  • In the meantime,…
  • »11/13/08 6:30pm11/13/08 6:30pm

Liberals, Palin Would Like The Senate To Take Out the Trash

  • Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided that the entire Democratic caucus will vote next week whether Independent Senator Joe Lieberman will keep his seat as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee after having back John McCain and gone negative against Obama. [TPM Election Central]
  • How negative did…
  • »11/11/08 6:30pm11/11/08 6:30pm

Dear Obama: You Can Be Nice To Bush Without Agreeing To Do Stuff For Him

President Bush had President-Elect Obama over for a little tea and a little talk, most of which we'll probably never know about. The one thing we do know is that Bush asked Obama to repudiate one of his policy positions in order to get a stimulus package. And this is after »11/11/08 10:00am11/11/08 10:00am Chuck Norris threatened him a little,…

Some People In Politics Live In An Alternate Universe

  • Once upon a time in a universe far, far away, a group of supposely intelligent women decided that Barack Obama wasn't sexy enough for them. And thus the world was denied his image in a Harvard Law beefcake calendar. I guess we'll always have People. [Politico]
  • Obama has told people he wants Lieberman to continue to…
  • »11/10/08 6:30pm11/10/08 6:30pm
Via BoingBoing comes the news that artist Zina Saunders is coming out with a new graphic book about
Via BoingBoing »11/07/08 5:30pm11/07/08 5:30pm comes the news that artist Zina Saunders is coming out with a new graphic book about the McCain-Palin campaign called . This picture (which you can click through to see larger) is called "Poor ol' Joe! Ditched at the prom!". There's more where that came from on her site, and a more in the book itself…