Not Even an 'Explosive' New Book Can Make the First Lady Seem Unlikable

New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor has a new book coming out this week called The Obamas, about—as you might have guessed from the title—the Obamas. For the book, which many are calling "explosive" for its revelations about the very private Obama White House, Kantor says she interviewed 33 members of Obama's staff.… » 1/08/12 6:35pm 1/08/12 6:35pm

NY Times Book Reviewer Loves The Big Tacky Weddings!

The most surprising aspect of Sunday's NY Times Book Review wasn't the big thumbs up Michael Kinsley gave to Christopher Hitchens' latest assault on organized religion, but Times reporter Jodi Kantor's review of One Perfect Day: The Selling Of The American Wedding, Rebecca Mead's new book on nuptial excess. Kantor… » 5/14/07 3:04pm 5/14/07 3:04pm