Joanna Newsom, Beloved Warbling Wood Nymph, Announces New Album

This October, beloved folk musician Joanna Newsom will release Divers, her first studio album since 2010’s Have One On Me. Accompanying the news, Newsom has also put out a new video—directed by Paul Thomas Anderson—for the song “Sapokanikan” which features her walking and singing through New York City. »8/11/15 7:45pm8/11/15 7:45pm


Zac Efron Passed Out From an Oxy Overdose and Some Jerk Sold the Pix

The totally reputable National Enquirer has reportedly obtained a shot of Zac Efron collapsed in the Thompson Hotel on January 3rd after an overdose of "hillbilly heroin" Oxy, obtained during a batshit night of drinking. Efron reportedly got the pills from the street and requested all party guests to buy forty for… »9/25/13 9:13am9/25/13 9:13am

Emmys Tribute to Cory Monteith Angers Jack Klugman's Family

Many viewers were outraged that the passing of TV legend Jack Klugman — who played Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple — got very little airtime in the Emmy tribute that included a long memoriam to Cory Monteith. Klugman's son Adam told the AP: "It’s an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture… »9/23/13 9:00am9/23/13 9:00am