An Interview with Francesca Le, Porn's Most Extreme MILF

"Do you like the doggy style?" the interviewer ahead of me asks. "Do you like the anal and sex toys? In your personal life? Do you speak Spanish?" » 1/26/15 2:30pm 1/26/15 2:30pm

Porn Industry Advocating Pubes Now

Adult film star Joanna Angel has added pubic hair conditioner and pubic hair dye to her line of Burning Angel Toys. Could this be another step toward the widespread acceptance of pubic hair in the adult entertainment industry? [AVN] » 2/23/11 4:15pm 2/23/11 4:15pm

Jenna Jameson Plays "Coy" In Order To Get What She Wants

There's a short feature on retired porn star Jenna Jameson in this month's Esquire » 8/07/08 12:30pm 8/07/08 12:30pm, and in it, she describes herself as a and goes on to say "I think that's intimidating to a man, on every level. That's why I always go out of my way to be ultranice and ultrasweet and coy, because it makes people feel comfortable, and…

Why Don't Jewish Women Get Any Pop Cultural Love?

Radar is declaring, in its typically amusing and tongue-in-cheek fashion, that this year's hottest accessory for shiksas is a Jewish husband. You know what? Tongue-in-cheek or not, I'm over Jewish dudes getting all the love. You never hear about Jewish women being the hottest, well, anything; while Woody Allen is off… » 1/30/08 5:00pm 1/30/08 5:00pm

Last Night I Boned An AVN Award Nominee

Yesterday was awesome, but last night I finally got to go to some parties. First was the Village Voice/Babeland party in a suite at the Venetian, and then a house party out in the desert somewhere, that promised to be a "stripper sideshow sex party." There was definitely a sideshow (more about that, and the dude on… » 1/11/08 6:30pm 1/11/08 6:30pm