The Author of the Runaways Book, On Jackie Fox's Rape

The story of Kim Fowley sexually abusing a young, intoxicated woman in a hotel room after a Runaways show is grim and horrifying. I would like to say it has knocked many readers into a stunned silence–but in these days, it instead seems to have ignited a firestorm. I personally need more time with the story to say all… »7/13/15 11:00am7/13/15 11:00am


Jackie Fuchs on Former Bandmates: 'Being a Bystander Is Not a Crime' 

Former Runaways bassist Jackie Fuchs has responded to the outpouring of support and outrage that’s followed from a Huffington Post story in which she says she was raped by producer Kim Fowley in front of her bandmates. Joan Jett and Cherie Currie have disputed her account; Fuchs wrote in a Facebook note, “All of us… »7/13/15 9:30am7/13/15 9:30am

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie Respond to Jackie Fox's Rape Allegations

Last week, the Huffington Post ran an interview with Jackie Fuchs—who went by Fox—former bassist for rock group, the Runaways. Fuchs gave a chilling account of Kim Fowley, the band’s manager and producer, raping her at a party in front of a room full of people, which included other band members. Fuchs describes seeing… »7/12/15 9:40pm7/12/15 9:40pm

The Seedy Backstory of the Runaways and Their Rapist Svengali Producer

The Huffington Post’s new longform section has a fascinating, deeply disturbing feature today about the Runaways, the all-girl rock band that rocketed Joan Jett and Lita Ford to fame. The group’s former bassist, Jackie Fuchs, has spoken for the first time about her exploitation by producer Kim Fowley, who she says… »7/09/15 10:10am7/09/15 10:10am

Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett's Backyard Session Will Benefit Homeless Teens

Miley Cyrus is once again doing a series of backyard sessions, this time to benefit The Happy Hippie Foundation, her new charity that seeks to serve “homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable populations.” First up, here she is singing Joan Jett’s “Different,” alongside Joan herself. »5/06/15 7:00pm5/06/15 7:00pm

Natasha Lyonne and More Very Cool People Really Want You to Vote

Joan Jett! Tracee Ellis Ross! Carrie Brownstein! A dancing ovary puppet! Everyone you ever thought was cool got together and remixed "Bad Reputation" to help you vote in next week's midterm elections on Nov. 4th. Why? The War on Women rages on and Republicans are trying to stop The Ladies from voting because we … »10/28/14 6:10pm10/28/14 6:10pm

Saturday Night Social: Joan Jett Wants You To Touch Her There

Joan Jett turns 54 today, and above please find my personal favorite Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song for your enjoyment: "Do You Want To Touch Me There," a cover original sung by Gary Glitter ("Bad Reputation" is a close second in my heart, but it's hard to separate from another beloved piece of entertainment: … »9/22/12 6:30pm9/22/12 6:30pm