Joan Didion Thought Franny and Zooey Was a Self-Help Book for Coeds

A reminder: while Franny and Zooey is now considered quite the classic, it wasn't always looked at that way, and one Joan Didion was part of the horde of critics and writers who didn't take to it immediately. » 3/06/15 5:50pm 3/06/15 5:50pm

Joan Didion's Crème Caramel Must Be Very Hostile

Earlier today, Grub Street offered a look into the culinary world of author (and famed entertainer) Joan Didion. "Joan Didion's Crème Caramel Recipe Is As Charming As She Is," touts the headline. Does that mean that her crème caramel is notably hostile? Because Joan Didion—and I mean this in the most adoring and… » 2/12/15 5:00pm 2/12/15 5:00pm

Let's Get These Joan Didion Jackets for Our Feisty Girl Gang

Hey ladies, you know how we formed that '50s greaser gang awhile back? Well, I think it's time we got jackets. The good news is that I've found the perfect one. The bad news is that it costs $1,200 and the designer only made one of them. » 1/09/15 7:10pm 1/09/15 7:10pm

Joan Didion Couldn't Care Less That You're Excited About Her Céline Ad

The New York Times reached out to Joan Didion for comment on her new Céline ad; Didion was all, "And you are...?" » 1/07/15 5:20pm 1/07/15 5:20pm

Joan Didion Is Céline's Newest Model

DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO PUT MY HANDS. In the most perfect model casting choice in the history of fashion, Céline has tapped Joan Didion for its latest advertising campaign. But is it too on the nose? It's somewhat conflicting while being totally invigorating, at the very least because Didion's famously ice-cold stare is… » 1/06/15 4:00pm 1/06/15 4:00pm

Watch the Trailer For a New Documentary About Joan Didion

Actor and filmmaker Griffin Dunne is making a movie about his aunt, Joan Didion, called We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live (the title of the film, you'll note, is a Didion quote). » 10/22/14 9:50am 10/22/14 9:50am

Is Dumping New York City a 'Girl Thing'?

Writers love writing personal essays about leaving New York City but, mostly, women writers love writing personal essays about leaving New York City. Or so it sometimes seems. » 9/27/13 6:00pm 9/27/13 6:00pm

The Wall Street Journal Got Confused and Thought Joan Didion Was on…

Wall Street Journal social media editor Rubina Madan Fillion is having an oops day; shortly after she posted a piece about Joan Didion quitting Twitter, her article was pulled because that account is a notable and hilarious fake. » 7/11/13 2:40pm 7/11/13 2:40pm

Christina Hendricks To Star in Joan Didion Movie

Hollywood is adapting Joan Didion's 1977 novel A Book of Common Prayer and Christina Hendricks is set to play one of the lead characters. » 3/08/13 3:00pm 3/08/13 3:00pm

Did Alcoholism Kill Joan Didion's Daughter?

Readers of Didion's recent memoir of grieving her daughter, Blue Nights, may be forgiven for remaining somewhat unclear, even upon finishing the book, as to what exactly killed Quintana Roo Dunne Michaels. Quintana, whom Didion often calls Q, was in 2005 a recently married New York-based photo editor in apparent good… » 12/13/11 6:00pm 12/13/11 6:00pm

Didion's New Blue Nights Is Elegiac But Unsatisfying

There are some writers who enter our consciousness at just the right time and remain firmly lodged there for life, affecting, like a penny in a drinking fountain, the taste of everything that comes after. I am speaking primarily of the books one reads between about the ages of 17 and 20. Whether classics or assigned… » 11/04/11 12:40pm 11/04/11 12:40pm

When Did Elegant Women Become Villains?

The show Fairly Legal opens with the heroine, Kate, stumbling out of her houseboat and dodging repeated calls from someone labeled "The Wicked Witch of the West." » 2/01/11 3:55pm 2/01/11 3:55pm

Lindsay Banned From Borrowing Clothes; Marc's Ex Writing Tell-All

Writer Suggests Jealousy Explains All In Story Of Desirée & Michelle

There are some questions that are transparently absurd even in the asking. Should you ever give up a rent-controlled apartment? is one such question. "Was Michelle Obama Jealous of Desirée Rogers?" is another. » 3/12/10 3:20pm 3/12/10 3:20pm

Style Tips From Tippi Hedren's Model Life

The magazine may date from 1953, but the advice (via Modern Mechanix) is timeless. Let's learn from our farmer/model godmother, Tippi, as she juggles the responsibilities of running "from one New York studio appointment to the next" while also...raising horses. » 12/02/09 2:00pm 12/02/09 2:00pm

Saint Joan: Young Women And The Cult Of Didion

A couple of years ago, my then-boyfriend wrote a piece of erotica about Joan Didion, which fact should go some ways towards explaining both why the relationship lasted as long as it did, and why we were ultimately incompatible: » 11/18/09 4:20pm 11/18/09 4:20pm

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