UK Minister Thinks Coverage of Kate Middleton’s Baby Weight Is Awful

At least one public is taking a stand against OK! magazine’s gross coverage of Kate Middleton’s “post-baby weight loss regime.” Jo Swinson, the UK’s minister for women and equalities, has criticized the celebrity-magazine obsession with critiquing mothers’ post-birth bodies, saying that stories like those featured in »7/28/13 3:00pm7/28/13 3:00pm


UK Government Minister Tells Magazines to Drop the Post-Christmas 'Miracle Diet' Bullshit

Equalities minister Jo Swinson is sick and tired of magazine features on how to lose 10 pounds in 48 hours by only eating cayenne pepper while turning counter-clockwise three times under a full moon — the sort of stories that appear without fail after the holiday stress-eating trend pieces have run their course. »12/27/12 12:15pm12/27/12 12:15pm

L'Oreal Forced To Pull Airbrushed Ads Of Julia Roberts, Christy Turlington

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has banned two ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington for misleading consumers by being overly airbrushed. It had to come to its conclusion without before-and-after shots, since apparently Roberts has stipulated in her contract that no unairbrushed shots can be… »7/27/11 10:30am7/27/11 10:30am

Lawmaker: Kids' TV Needs Fewer "Pink And Princessy" Girls

We get a bit jealous anytime we hear about a nation in which all political candidates have a solid grasp on reality, but it's particularly depressing that we can't vote for British MP Jo Swinson. The 31-year-old Liberal Democrat led the effort to restrict airbrushing in advertisements, and now she's speaking out… »7/25/11 9:50am7/25/11 9:50am