Now You Can Wear Dobby the House Elf's Face on Your Butt

Because your robe and Gryffindor scarf are a little heavy for spring, whimsical clothier to the Internet Black Milk just debuted loads of new Harry Potter fashions. Yes, those are leggings decorated with washed-out polaroids of Dobby, the house elf. » 3/26/14 4:30pm 3/26/14 4:30pm

J.K. Rowling Asked to Stop Writing, Taking Up Shelf Space

Lynn Shepherd must have known what she was getting herself into when she wrote a Huffington Post piece urging J.K. Rowling to get out of the adult literature market. Shepherd stated that other writers deserve a turn (this is how the world works, BTW) and although she has never read Rowling's work (ok..), Shepherd… » 3/01/14 4:30pm 3/01/14 4:30pm

J.K. Rowling Is Writing Yet Another Mystery Novel Under a Pseudonym

Ready your Amazon gift cards, nerds, because J.K. Rowling has a new novel due out in June. But unfortunately for the world's wizarding enthusiasts, The Silkworm is a sequel to The Cuckoo's Calling, written as Robert Galbraith. It'll follow the investigation into the disappearance of a loathed novelist. » 2/17/14 4:00pm 2/17/14 4:00pm

For J.K. Rowling, an Alternate Ending for Ron and Hermione's Story

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling recently blew minds when, in an interview with Emma Watson, she revealed that she now wishes that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger — the couple that formed the standout romance of the series — would not have ended up together and that maybe Hermione and Harry should have fallen in love… » 2/05/14 5:45pm 2/05/14 5:45pm

All Hail This Newly Discovered Scrap of Jane Austen's Handwriting

Brace yourselves, Jane Austen cultists: A scrap of writing from the author's very own hand has been discovered in the U.K., stuck in a first edition of her nephew's The Memoirs of Jane Austen. Meanwhile, I never find anything crammed into my books but Duane Reade receipts. » 2/03/14 5:20pm 2/03/14 5:20pm

Accio Nerds! J.K. Rowling Is Developing a Harry Potter Stage Show

Wait. Can you "accio" sentient beings? Or do I need to, like, levicorpus all the Harry Potter fans and then locomotor them over to the West End? Please advise. As I'm sure you can tell, I got a "T" in Charms. Oh, ANYHOO, there's going to be a Harry Potter stage show co-produced and overseen by J.K. Rowling within the next… » 12/19/13 8:15pm 12/19/13 8:15pm

Which words turn up most in Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter?

Certainly The Hunger Games and Twilight are very different media experiences, but how do the YA series differ in their actual vocabulary and sentence structure? Slate put together a textual analysis of Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyer's series, alongside J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. » 11/23/13 1:37pm 11/23/13 1:37pm

That Time J.K. Rowling Almost Snatched a Baby

The elusive J.K. Rowling (elusive except for that 9,000-word profile in the New Yorker last year) bequeathed an interview to the Daily Mail, and talked about that one time she almost snatched a baby from a bleak, Dickensian orphanage in Eastern Europe. » 10/27/13 9:45pm 10/27/13 9:45pm

J.K. Rowling to Donate All Royalties From Her Secret Novel to Charity

J.K. Rowling is no stranger to philanthropy. As of 2012, the Harry Potter author had reportedly donated upwards of $160 million to various charity organizations. Her charitable spirit has continued into 2013 with Rowling announcing this Wednesday that all royalties from “The Cuckoo’s Calling," her crime novel originally … » 7/31/13 7:00pm 7/31/13 7:00pm

J.K. Rowling Secretly Publishing Under Male Pseudonym

The author of the Harry Potter novels is using her known witchcraft to trick us muggles into not purchasing her latest book. Published under the name "Robert Galbraith", The Cuckoo's Calling is a detective novel about a troubled model who falls to her death — and the wily private dick who wants to get to the bottom of… » 7/15/13 9:30am 7/15/13 9:30am

Want to Be a Successful Writer? Be a Man.

Well, this is depressing: female authors are still using male pseudonyms — or ambiguous initials in hopes that prospective buyers won't realize they're ladies — because studies show more people read books written by dudes. Can you blame them? » 12/07/12 4:00pm 12/07/12 4:00pm

Guess What, Everyone? The Vatican Haaaated J.K. Rowling’s New Book

I think we'd all like to believe that, sitting next to a reading lamp and swaddled in his Holy Snuggie somewhere deep inside the Vatican's intestinal labyrinths, Pope Benedict Palpatine Vader XVI read The Casual Vacancy with a mounting sense of disappointment that Harry Potter didn't make at least a cameo appearance.… » 11/04/12 6:01pm 11/04/12 6:01pm

J.K. Rowling Will Now Be Making Her Long-Awaited Return to Children’s…

Just like how Michael Jordan played baseball competently and then came back to play basketball superbly, J.K. Rowling will be re-entering the children's fiction least for one book. The Casual Vacancy may have coasted to a big debut, selling 124,603 copies or ten times the next-highest debut, but J.K.… » 10/07/12 1:30pm 10/07/12 1:30pm