This Holiday Season, May We All Exude the Warm and Happy Vibes of Adele

I have been blogging long enough to recognize the dangers of lionizing a celebrity for their friendly-seeming public persona. The rise and fall of Jennifer Lawrence, the rise and fall and rise and fall again of Taylor Swift—all lessons in the way we put too much pressure on a person to live up to our expectations and… »Tuesday 11:20am11/24/15 11:20am

Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Falls Aren't Fake, Shares More Embarrassing Stories to Prove It

Did you know there are people out there who think that Jennifer Lawrence fakes her falls? While I haven’t met even one person who’s accused her of falsifying her trips and tumbles, J.Law says that falling isn’t even close to being the most embarrassing thing she does. No, no, she’s done way worse. »11/19/15 11:10am11/19/15 11:10am

Jimmy Fallon's Spate of Recent Injuries Might be From 'Excessive' Drinking 

Anyone who follows Jimmy Fallon on Instagram has noticed that the late night host seems to have recently suffered from a sizable number accidents usually involving booze. There was the Jägermeister incident, that time he almost severed his finger when he tripped over a rug, and the time he chipped his tooth. Fallon’s… »11/01/15 10:30am11/01/15 10:30am

CNN Pretty Sure Jimmy Fallon Has Some Kind of Problem, But That's None of Their Business...

Jimmy Fallon has had some trouble with his hands lately. First he suffered a ring avulsion (google it) after a run-in with a braided rug over the summer, and just a few days ago the late night comedian injured his finger after cutting it on a bottle of Jäger. That’s worrying, yes, but no one is as worried about Fallon… »10/27/15 10:50am10/27/15 10:50am

Jimmy Fallon Injured His Remaining Good Hand After Falling With a Bottle of Jägermeister

Jimmy Fallon used to have two working, non-injured hands. But after a particularly rowdy party at Harvard University over the weekend, he has none. Variety reports Fallon was holding a bottle of Jägermeister after accepting the Lampoon award, when he fell and presumably sliced his hand open on the shattered glass. »10/26/15 9:50am10/26/15 9:50am

Jimmy Out-Fallons Himself, Literally Spits on Jessica Alba Out of Excitement for The Honest Company 

Jessica Alba was on The Tonight Show last night so that host Jimmy Fallon, BFF to the celebrity ego that he is, could vociferously promote her new beauty line for The Honest Company, which Fallon maintains is “just crushing it” despite currently being pummeled by class action lawsuits. »9/15/15 11:40am9/15/15 11:40am

Chris Christie Refuses to Be Ignored at Next Debate, Will 'Go Nuclear'

Chris Christie—unrequited lover of Bruce Springsteen, Governor of New Jersey, and Republican presidential candidate—has a hungry heart. Ignored during his party’s first presidential debate, he was deprived of the opportunity to tell us his dreams and aspirations. But he won’t be silenced again, oh no. Next time this… »9/01/15 2:36pm9/01/15 2:36pm

Justin Bieber Has Been Banned From Doing Live Interviews

Justin Bieber, the former boyfriend of Selena Gomez, is getting ready to promote his new single, and his reps aren’t taking any chances when it comes to his unpredictable behavior. Sources tell Page Six that the Bieber’s “people are so terrified of him speaking live” that they’ve banned him from doing live interviews. »8/25/15 9:40am8/25/15 9:40am

Salma Hayek Plays Puppy Trivia on The Tonight Show, Wins Puppy Cuddles

Salma Hayek stopped by The Tonight Show for a round of trivia with Jimmy Fallon, with a twist: Every question was about puppies, and for every correct answer, she got to cuddle a puppy. By the end, she had a lap full of squirming puppies. So here’s seven minutes of shameless puppy bait for your Friday morning. »8/07/15 10:50am8/07/15 10:50am