The Short Life of Maids' Honor Day 

In this excerpt from Household Workers Unite: The Untold Story of African American Women Who Built a Movement, Premilla Nadasen writes about a forgotten, complicated milestone in domestic workers’ struggle for dignity and respect for their labor. In Georgia, Maids’ Honor Day was proclaimed an official holiday in 1972… »10/13/15 4:15pm10/13/15 4:15pm


Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau Has Grabbier Hands Than Bill Richardson

  • Hottie Obama speechwriter Jon "No Relation" Favreau is embarrassed tonight, after this picture of him cupping a cardboard Hillary Clinton's boob was posted on Facebook. Clinton spokesman Phillippe Reines stole our hearts, though, when he responded, "Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon's obvious interest in the…
  • »12/05/08 7:30pm12/05/08 7:30pm

The Truth Might Not Be Pretty, But Obama Makes You Like It Anyway

As mentioned earlier, Rolling Stone »10/15/08 3:00pm10/15/08 3:00pm has in its latest issue in which Obama acknowledges that the financial crisis is going to require tough decisions and taxes and government programs; says Americans are going to have to make sacrifices to reform the country's energy policy (and to implement those reforms); and…