Swedish Campaign Searches for a New Term for Female Masturbation

When it comes to self pleasure, dudes have a lot more ways to describe their one-on-one time than women. Sure, we're not exactly short for euphemisms: flicking the bean, polishing the pearl, beating around the bush, and the fan favorite: Jilling off, etc. For some reason plenty of people find female masturbation to… » 11/23/14 12:15pm 11/23/14 12:15pm

You're Getting Super High-Def Porn Whether You Like It Or Not

A small porn studio in Southern California betting the fuck-farm on a new technology that promises to make the art of filming various body parts and things entering various body holes so graphic that you can practically smell the crotch sweat and feel the chafing. "Super high definition porn" that makes you feel like… » 1/13/14 5:15pm 1/13/14 5:15pm

China's First Jack-Off Competition Leaves Ladies Out of the Self-Pleasuring Fun

A banner reading "China's first jack-off competition" welcomed participants and voyeurs alike to, well, China's first jack-off competition. The public display of self affection went down in Shenzhen, China, on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day. It was sponsored by sex toy manufacturer Aihuirun.com, who said the event was » 12/06/12 12:40pm 12/06/12 12:40pm

Thank Goodness a Female Masturbation Bar Finally Exists

Self-diddling ladies, rejoice. Finally, there exists a bar that caters to your unique interests, something you didn't even know you needed — a tavern where the walls are lined with dildos rather than liquor bottles and ladies are free to gather and discuss how they like touching their own clitorises. Guess which… » 10/01/12 1:15pm 10/01/12 1:15pm