Take Me to School and Church, Jill Scott

Jill Scott has that unmistakable big brass voice, and it’s even eerier to listen to now, just months after watching a biopic about blues legend Bessie Smith. Scott’s voice is similarly cocky and demands you to be entranced. It woos, wails and does sick intonations. It makes you forget that the vocally untouchable… »7/29/15 11:26am7/29/15 11:26am


The Trailer for With This Ring Is Every Single Woman's Nightmare

With This Ring is a Lifetime rom-com that explores the clichés of marriage pressure and surprisingly looks like it could be an enjoyable watch. In the trailer, Regina Hall, Jill Scott and Eve play single friends who make a pact to get hitched within a year after attending a wedding on New Year's Eve. »12/26/14 11:47am12/26/14 11:47am

Jennifer Aniston Brings Hot Freshly Shaven Boyfriend To Handprint Ceremony

Jennifer Aniston put her hands and feet in the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood yesterday, and her boyfriend Justin Theroux was there, looking fiiiiiine. He shaved, you guys, and the hair, the tie, the eyebrows — everything is working. Seriously, click through and check out some of the… »7/08/11 9:00am7/08/11 9:00am