Who Could Have Prevented the Murder of Jill Meagher? (Hint: Not Jill Meagher)

This weekend, authorities in Australia announced they'd recovered the body of 29-year-old Irish expat Jill Meagher after the woman disappeared while walking home from a bar blocks away from her suburban Melbourne apartment. As the case captivated and horrified the country, more details emerged. Turns out, the man who… »10/01/12 6:00pm10/01/12 6:00pm


Melbourne-Area Residents Mourn the Violent Murder of Jill Meagher

On Sunday, the streets of a Melbourne suburb where a murdered Irish woman named Jill Meagher had lived were flooded with tens of thousands of people making a peaceful demonstration against violence. After disappearing back on September 22 somewhere between her Brunswick home and a nearby bar, Meagher's body was found… »9/30/12 8:45pm9/30/12 8:45pm