The Intimidatingly Sporty Life Of Rich And Royal Folks

The latest Vanity Fair has two articles in close proximity: one on Kate Middleton's family as social climbers, and another by a woman who dated JFK Junior for many years. The lesson I took away from these two pieces was simple: to be with royalty, American or otherwise, one must know how to play many sports. It looks… » 3/08/11 1:28pm 3/08/11 1:28pm

Once Upon A Time, Iconic Blonde Celebrities Used Condoms, Avoided…

  • Paris Hilton spoke to Barbara Walters from jail and we will be watching The View in two hours to hang on to Barbara's ev-uh-wee word. [ABC News]
  • Madonna and JFK Jr. abstained from having sex with each other. Because they didn't have condoms, and AIDS still killed celebrities in those days. [Page Six]
  • Princess Diana was…
  • » 6/11/07 9:38am 6/11/07 9:38am