Jackie O's Pink Suit Will Remain Hidden Away Until We're All Dead

Fifty years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas as he rode in a motorcade alongside his wife Jacqueline. The now-iconic blood-spattered pink suit that the First Lady wore that day hasn't been seen in public since, but not because it's missing; it's because it's locked in a vault… »11/18/13 4:30pm11/18/13 4:30pm

Real Talk: JFK and Jackie Had Sex on Air Force One a Day Before Dallas

There are tasteful ways to talk about the looming anniversary of the JFK assassination, and then there's the New York Post's way, which involves mentioning the little-known-fact that JFK and Jackie totally boned on Air Force One during a short flight from San Antonio to Houston on Nov. 21, just 24 hours before the… »11/17/13 12:30pm11/17/13 12:30pm

What Happened to Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe Sketch on Last Week’s SNL?

Gossip-hoarding TMZ has it on good authority that Saturday Night Live cancelled a sketch last week that featured Lindsay Lohan and Jon Hamm as Marilyn Monroe and JFK, who both visit Andy Samberg's Rick Santorum and tell him — we assume with a hilarious deadpan — that Monroe was put on birth control she obtained… »3/11/12 12:00pm3/11/12 12:00pm

TSA Forces Woman to Use Her Breast Pump Before She Can Take It Through Security

In another shining moment in airport security history, a TSA agent at Kauai's Lihue Airport last week refused to let a woman bring her breast pump through security because the milk bottles were empty. Amy Strand, of Maui, was traveling with her 9-month old daughter and was carrying the electric pump. She was told she… »3/05/12 12:00pm3/05/12 12:00pm

The Way We Were: Life Magazine Photos Of Women In The 1960s

As you may know, though Life magazine is no more, the Life magazine photo archive lives on, through a partnership with Google, and is slowly being made available online. Looking through the collection is unbelievably engrossing, but the funny thing is you never really find exactly what you think you're going to find.… »12/05/08 7:00pm12/05/08 7:00pm

Golddiggers! Kanye West Designs Shoe With Louis Vuitton

  • Rapper and fashionisto Kanye West announced from the men's shows of Milan that he is, indeed, teaming up with LV to design some kind of shoe. To which we say: okay. [WWD via Perez Hilton]
  • Personally, we'll hold out for the new Obama Air Nikes! [BlackBook]
  • Now "Love Triangle" rumors are flying in the wake of model…
  • »7/02/08 11:30am7/02/08 11:30am