Hi, Haters: The U.S. Department of Justice Blocks Jezebel 

Today in hilarious meta-news, Jezebel has learned that our website is evidently too hot to be viewed by select U.S. government employees. A tipster tells us that the DOJ recently blocked access to Jezebel from all workstation computers, although the other Gawker Media sites — Sportsball, that one about cars, Sidepiece… » 1/07/15 2:00pm 1/07/15 2:00pm

I'm Anna Holmes, Founder of Jezebel, and This Is How I Work

Anna Holmes launched Jezebel in 2007, sparking a movement of new online content for women. Its distinct blend of smarts and snark gained an immediate following that hasn't slowed down since. In 2010, Anna stepped down as editor in chief to focus on, among many things, bringing Jezebel to life in book form. The newly… » 11/06/13 3:14pm 11/06/13 3:14pm

The New Warby Parkers Will Have You Running from the Paparazzi in No…

It's obvious that you're what's hot right now. Producers blowing up your phone, agents fighting over you (publicly, too; how embarrassing — for them), maître d's practically mauling themselves on strategically-placed fici (plural of ficus) to get you the best table at restaurants with the word "bungalow" in their… » 2/14/13 11:59am 2/14/13 11:59am

Warby Parker Increases Already High Delight Factor by Including Cookies…

Everyone likes ripping open presents around this time of year. But picking out a friend's glasses that they wear on their face every day is a daunting task. Warby Parker knows this, and is offering gift cards in denominations of $50, $95, $145 and $195 — and all holiday gift cards will arrive at your lucky pal's door… » 12/17/12 11:59am 12/17/12 11:59am

Staying Connected While on the Road Just Got a Lot Easier

These days, not everyone's tied to an office. But if you're working from the road, it doesn't mean you can't get as much done as you would if you were sitting at a desk. In this, the last of our Business Casual series written in conjunction with the join.me crew, we'll look at the mobile office tools that can help… » 11/26/12 11:59am 11/26/12 11:59am

How Not to Be a Meeting Diva, Bore Your Staff to Sleep, or Otherwise…

If you are gainfully employed, it's likely that meetings are part of your life. And, no matter how much you protest, they're not going anywhere. Here in the Business Casual series, written in conjunction with the join.me crew, we covered your sweet work-from-home setup, and now we're going to address the dreaded… » 11/16/12 11:59am 11/16/12 11:59am

Yogi Lauren Imparato Is Here and Answering Your Enlightenment-Related…

Sometimes in this crazy world, it's hard to find a little inner peace (or outer peace, or any peace, really), which probably explains the proliferation of yoga in recent years. It seems as if just about everyone has a mat shoved in their closet, is practicing their pranayama, or has a very vocal opinion on the perfect… » 9/27/12 12:59pm 9/27/12 12:59pm