God's Man on the Ground Donald Trump Questions Hillary Clinton's Religious Faith 

Donald Trump—a golden goose so loved by God he was transformed into a human man, only the Lord got tired midway through and paused for rest, never to resume—is a man of faith. He loves Two Corinthians. He goes toe-to-toe with that mean old Pope. And now, of course, he’s questioning Hillary Clinton’s Christianity.


I Watched the Godly, Bland The Passion Live From the Streets of New Orleans

Mostly, attending live television events that are being taped for broadcast, or even being broadcast live, is not as much fun as you might think. The show isn’t really set up to entertain an audience that is, essentially, there to play an audience; the finished product for air is the thing, and actual guests have to…

Fun Fact: Ben-Hur Was Originally About Jesus, Not Chariot Racing 

Thanks to the astronomically famous 1959 movie, Ben-Hur is known mostly for its sick-ass chariot race (and the gruesome-though-debunked urban legend that somebody's death appears on film). But here's a fun Easter fact: It was originally based on a hugely popular novel published in 1880, written by a Civil War general.