Elisabeth Moss Believes Jon Hamm's Ham Is a Really Big Ham

On Thursday night's Watch What Happens Live during the show's best segment "Plead the Fifth", Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss and Arrested Development's Jessica Walter spent a few minutes sharing delightful things about themselves. In the case of Elisabeth Moss, she continued to prove that honesty is the best policy by… » 5/24/13 2:15pm 5/24/13 2:15pm

Things Learned At The Arrested Development Reunion (Besides That…

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Arrested Development reunion at the New Yorker Festival, and by "extreme pleasure," I promise I'm not exaggerating. Being a mega-fan of the show a since it first aired, I found myself simultaneously cheering, clapping, and half-crying while my insides fluttered… » 10/03/11 7:00pm 10/03/11 7:00pm

Watch Jessica Walter Read Filthy Craigslist 'Missed Connections' Aloud

Check out Jessica Walter, who many of you may know from such cult comedies as Arrested Development, reading filthy Craigslist Missed Connections aloud. » 9/18/11 4:38pm 9/18/11 4:38pm