Major News Outlet Wants Feminist Author to Explain How She Lost the Baby Weight

Jessica Valenti has a baby and a new book. And like any proud new book-parent, she's been promoting the book by pitching pieces to other news outlets about topics covered in the book. But one outlet in particular wasn't interested so much in her feminist take on society's depiction of pregnancy and parenthood.… »9/14/12 6:00pm9/14/12 6:00pm

Oh, Look, People May Not Be Taking Purity Balls as Seriously as We Thought

You remember purity balls, right?! The ones that are like "put on a white dress, hold a white rose, dance with your dad, sign a contract to Ziploc your vagina, and also it's sorrrrrt of like you're marrying your dad but shhh?" Those? As it turns out, they're not as ubiquitous as it initially seemed. Which is GREAT,… »7/21/12 1:30pm7/21/12 1:30pm

Pro-Virginity, Anti-Feminist Folks Make The Purity Myth Trailer Terrifying

Fans of the bestselling book The Purity Myth, rejoice. The film version is now available for your viewing pleasure on DVD, and, from the looks of the trailer, its per-minute truth bomb concentration is unprecedented. Finally, a cinematic alternative to the unstoppable, metastasized Fast & Furious franchise. »12/08/11 11:30am12/08/11 11:30am

Hillary Clinton's Got The X-Chromosome Factor In Her Favor

  • Will women help elect the first female U.S. president? Female support for Hillary Clinton is propelling her to the top of the Democratic presidential heap. [Politico]
  • More proof that men get dumb when they get horny: Almost 10% of men are downloading porn at work. [Telegraph]
  • An Aussie study says that overweight,…
  • »6/05/07 3:36pm6/05/07 3:36pm