Jessica Biel Wants to Help Women Learn About Their Bodies

After Jessica Biel went off birth control to try for a baby (which resulted in little Silas, her spawn with Justin Timberlake), she realized she had a lot of questions pertaining to pregnancy, contraception and her own body. To help educate women like herself, Biel teamed up with Saundra Pelletier, founder of the… »9/16/15 9:15pm9/16/15 9:15pm


Kim Kardashian Denies Photoshopping Her Clearly Photoshopped Butt Pics

Kim Kardashian's very own Buttghazi (I'm so sorry) scandal rages on. Amid frenzied accusations that Kim photoshopped an Instagram of herself in a sports bra in order to appear thinner, a rep for the reality star and part-time butt photographer has insisted that the images are not digitally manipulated. »1/09/14 9:12am1/09/14 9:12am