Julia Roberts Is a Real Dick To Her Formerly Obese Half-Sister

Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes, who weighed 300 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2010, says that her relationship with Julia has been testy since Motes was in her teens and Roberts broke into stardom after Pretty Woman. Apparently Roberts would not let Motes forget that she was a Fat Woman. » 8/10/13 11:30am 8/10/13 11:30am

Penelope Cruz Rumored to Be Cast as First Age-Appropriate Bond Girl

Defying a long, proud line of crotchety James Bonds romancing women young enough to be their children, Penélope Cruz has reportedly been cast as the lastest Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig in Sam Mendes' Skyfall follow-up, Bond 24. » 6/04/13 9:00am 6/04/13 9:00am

Robert Pattinson Eats Ice Cream on The Daily Show, Jokes About His Spanx

All those Antique Roadshow marathons seem to have poured some glitter gas back into Robert Pattinson's PR sparkle tank and gotten him through two major New York appearances. First, Rob visited Jon Stewart, who played a spirited round of Very Concerned Camp Counselor on the Daily Show. ("What are we doing here? Are you… » 8/14/12 9:00am 8/14/12 9:00am

Jesse Eisenberg, Tracy Morgan and Melissa Leo Are an Unlikely Trio In…

Here's the trailer for Why Stop Now, the upcoming movie chronicling Eisenberg as a piano prodigy attempting to get his mother (Melissa Leo) into rehab the same day as his audition for a prestigious music institute. Things don't go as planned, however, when the pair get involved with the mother's drug dealer (played… » 7/05/12 1:20pm 7/05/12 1:20pm

Jimmy Fallon Spreads Holiday Cheer With A 'Twas The Night Before…

Almost nothing is more fun, on a cold winter's night, than gathering around the fire with your friends and playing a game of Mad Libs. And Jimmy Fallon did it right: he busted out 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and asked a few of his recent guests—Patton Oswalt, Jack McBrayer, T.I., Jesse Eisenberg, Zac Efron, and… » 12/23/11 7:30pm 12/23/11 7:30pm

Beckhams Expecting A Bouncing Bundle of Victoria Junior

After suffering for years in a house full of boys and soccer balls and LA Galaxy clothing, Victoria Beckham will finally have the Spice Baby of her dreams. » 2/05/11 10:30am 2/05/11 10:30am

Does Oprah's New Sister Need To Be Approved By Gayle?

Julianne Moore Does Nude Calendar Pinup For Karl Lagerfeld

The Stars Suit Up For The Social Network Premiere

The Social Network premiered at the New York Film Festival last night, and the celebrities in attendance were (mostly) dressed to impress, sticking to sleek suits and simple dresses. » 9/25/10 2:20pm 9/25/10 2:20pm

Anything Goes At Capri Film Festival!

The 14th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival kicked off last night, with cleavage, porn 'staches, and… Jesse Eisenberg? Yes, Jesse Eisenberg. » 12/28/09 10:30am 12/28/09 10:30am

Frances Cobain Lashes Out At Ali Lohan; Brad & Jen's "Secret" Meeting

Critics Are Game For Nostalgic '80s Comedy Adventureland

Adventureland is being promoted as another Judd Apatow-style comedy (that doesn't seem all that funny), but critics say it's actually a nuanced, character-focused coming of age story with a great '80s soundtrack. » 4/03/09 5:00pm 4/03/09 5:00pm