Crusty Old Dickhead Jerry Lewis Still Doesn’t Like Female Comedians

Superannuated comic misogynist Jerry Lewis, who, we ought to say, looks great for 87, still can’t stomach the idea of women performing comedy. A potential life-giving mother with a bountiful womb and nipples a-weeping with life-giving milk making jokes? Jerry Lewis says thankz but no thankz, ladies — he prefers his… » 5/23/13 11:15pm 5/23/13 11:15pm

Now Your Chance to Live Out Dirty Dancing Is Gone Forever

A hotel in the Catskills that inspired Dirty Dancing has burned down despite the best efforts of 43 fire companies and some 300 firefighters to save a little piece of cinematic history. Though the movie was filmed mostly in North Carolina, Brown's Hotel in the city of Loch Sheldrake inspired the story of a girl… » 4/17/12 9:05pm 4/17/12 9:05pm

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: John Who?

  • Jennifer Aniston had dinner with Gerard Butler at L.A.'s Tower Bar — days after eating there with John Mayer. Don't hate the player, hate the game. [Page Six]
  • Amy Winehouse was in the hospital last night, being checked out for a chest infection. Is it related to the emphysema she was diagnosed with in June? [Mirror]
  • » 10/27/08 9:00am 10/27/08 9:00am