Watch a 'Big Brother' Contestant Try to Masturbate on the Sly

It's really hard to get away with anything on Big Brother thanks to the "live feeds" component of the show, which gives subscribers 24/7 access to the cameras in the habitat. Still, people are human, and to go 100 days without masturbating, it must be really, really hard (that's what she said). » 8/09/13 6:30pm 8/09/13 6:30pm

"Why Are Lesbians Often Fatter Than Straight Women?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology » 9/05/08 7:00pm 9/05/08 7:00pm, the "advice" column in which we attempt to solve everyone's problems with an herbal remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, , the Piper to my Trig, helps me answer questions about ejaculate, 16-year-old boys, and air-humping. Got a burning…

Will Roberto Cavalli Manage To Make Wine Tacky Too?

  • Roberto Cavalli is now in the wine business. We hope it comes with a leopard print label! [WWD, 1st item]
  • Diane Lane is the latest Neutrogena "brand ambassador." Jesus Christ do we hate that term. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Marcus Wilmont and Maki Aminaka Lofvander won England's Fashion Fringe award for their label Aminaka…
  • » 11/20/07 12:30pm 11/20/07 12:30pm