Kirstie Alley Gained a Bunch of Weight and Is Back with Jenny Craig

Upset about a recent 30-pound weight gain, Kirstie Alley has reprised her role as lady-who-yells-at-you-about-Jenny-Craig—a job she last held seven years ago. Welcome back, Kirstie! It seems like you never left us. (No, really. Does anyone actually feel like they've had a break from Kirstie Alley yelling about how… » 4/07/14 4:00pm 4/07/14 4:00pm

Supporting Romney Is Not a Good Look for the Fashion Set

Does it matter to female shoppers if a brand leans Red or Blue? The Daily Beast's Rebecca Dana argues that "the consequences of political engagement are particularly significant for women's brands" this year. While that may be true, there doesn't actually seem to be much of a competition regarding whom to support. » 7/18/12 12:50pm 7/18/12 12:50pm

What Happens When A Celebrity Diet Spokesperson Doesn't Lose Weight?

Hiring a celebrity spokesperson can be a boon for weight loss companies since they don't even have to pay entertainment magazines and websites to run their "before and after" photos. However, hiring celebrities is also a big risk for diet programs, because like all humans, they're likely to gain the weight back — and… » 8/04/11 7:45pm 8/04/11 7:45pm

Tara Reid's Not Getting Hitched; Amy Winehouse Remains A Hot Mess

  • Tara Reid looks like she has no longer been ridden hard and put away wet! The former winner of Miss Hot Mess 2002-2007 is dating fashion executive Julien Jarmoune and apparently fending off marriage rumors. A pal of the couple says, "It looks like she's finally gotten her act together!" [E! Online, AHN]
  • Someone who…
  • » 9/12/08 9:00am 9/12/08 9:00am

Brides-To-Be Are Fond Of Fisticuffs • Jenny Craig Co-Founder Dies

Brides-to-be in Hong Kong find that boxing is a good way to tone up before their wedding days...and kick some serious ass should their groom sget out of line. • Preconception care is becoming an important part of healthy planned pregnancies. • The Guardian claims that Mr. Methane, is the world's only "professional… » 7/23/08 5:30pm 7/23/08 5:30pm