Woman Who Taunted Dying Girl Ordered To Leave Neighborhood

Jennifer Petkov, who rose to internet infamy after taunting a neighbor girl who has Huntington's Disease, is being forced to move out of her home after admitting she tried to run over another neighbor. » 2/03/11 1:46pm 2/03/11 1:46pm

Notorious Child-Taunter Loses Custody Of Kids

Jennifer Petkov, whose name lives in infamy as that of the woman who taunted a dying 7-year-old, has lost custody of two of her kids to their father. » 10/25/10 12:14pm 10/25/10 12:14pm

When Is A Witch Hunt Okay?

When we learned last week about Jennifer Petkov, who became instantly notorious for mocking a dying 7-year-old, we collectively recoiled. And some people did more than that. In the age of the Internet, when does the bully become victim? » 10/18/10 12:31pm 10/18/10 12:31pm

Woman Who Cyberbullied Dying Girl Arrested For Unrelated Crime

Jennifer Petkov, who became infamous for mocking a dying child via Facebook, has now been arrested for trying to run over another neighbor with her car. The neighbor wasn't related to the dying girl — Petkov's apparently an equal-opportunity jerk. » 10/15/10 6:00pm 10/15/10 6:00pm

Dying, Cyberbullied 7-Year-Old Treated To A Toy Spree

Today Kathleen Edward, the dying girl who was cyberbullied by neighbors, was invited to a Michigan toy store for a shopping spree, thus restoring our faith in humanity. Kathleen enjoyed a limo ride and partied with friends and family. » 10/14/10 5:51pm 10/14/10 5:51pm

Horrible, Horrible: Dying Child Taunted On Facebook

You'd think a dying 7-year-old would bring out compassion in even the stoniest hearts. But in a new low for humanity, one Michigan girl was subjected to Internet mockery instead. » 10/12/10 12:58pm 10/12/10 12:58pm