Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda Recorded a Benefit Song For Orlando Victims

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram flick of Lin-Manuel Miranda last week, while cryptic at the time, made logical sense: both are boricuas from New York City and, now that Miranda’s retiring from Hamilton, he’ll have lots of time to work on rap collaborations and films and plays and getting generally more famous for working…


A Writer Quit Her Job at People After 14 Years and Sent One Hell of a Resignation Letter

After 14 years working as writer for People, Sara Hammel sent her resignation letter to Jess Cagle, the magazine’s editorial director, “and other top editors.” But this wasn’t the kind of formal goodbye email filled with empty thank you’s to her superiors. No, no. Hammel chose to do something a little more incendiary

Jennifer Lopez's Hillary Clinton-Approved 'Ain't Your Mama' Video Was Full of Product Placement

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for “Ain’t Your Mama” includes the voices of Gloria Steinem, Patricia Arquette and Hillary Clinton speaking about women’s equality. And, according to a new report, it also includes a good deal of product placement—much of which was needed to support Lopez’s expensive vision for the video.

Meghan Trainor Says Jennifer Lopez Didn't Know Dr. Luke Produced Her New Song

Jennifer Lopez has been criticized both here and elsewhere for working with Dr. Luke on her new song, “Ain’t Your Mama.” But in a new interview, the writer of that song—Meghan “No” Trainor—has defended Lopez, saying that she fell for the song before she even knew Luke had produced it.

The Thing I'll Miss Most About American Idol Is Jennifer Lopez's Facial Expressions

I am both an early and late adopter of American Idol. I watched it early on with the kids I babysat, embarrassing them as I imitated the contestants in front of their large floor-to-ceiling windows, in full few of their neighbors. Somehow this season, I happened upon it again, tuning in one quiet night home alone…

Jennifer Lopez's Feminist New Song Is Also Produced By Dr. Luke

One fan theory about why Dr. Luke has been so petty about not letting Kesha out of her contract with him is that he hasn’t produced a genre-shifting hit in a couple of years, and that he’s now more inclined to follow than lead. (His last true smash, 2014's “Timber,” was by Pitbull featuring Kesha.)