'Black Women Who Look Like Me Aren't Lesbians' Politician Apologizes for Making Idiotic Generalization

Florida's now-infamous lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, has apologized after suggesting last week that women who look the way she does, i.e. a conventionally attractive black woman who wears blazers and earrings, don't engage in lesbian relationships. More than a week after the ensuing internet cyclone of outrage »7/27/12 2:05pm7/27/12 2:05pm


'Black Women Who Look Like Me Aren't Lesbians' Politician Now Has a Google Problem

Last Friday, Florida's scandal-embroiled Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll was confronted about allegations that she fired an employee after the aide caught her just about to get some hot, hot lesbian love from another female employee. And rather than gracefully deny the charges, Carroll instead opted to go the… »7/18/12 2:40pm7/18/12 2:40pm

Florida Lieutenant Governor Says She Couldn't Possibly Be a Lesbian Because She Doesn't Look Like One

Here's a fun, Everybody Is The Terrible One Here story from Florida, the humid home of Epcot murders, nutria barbecues, and bronzed retirees who permanently smell like the insides of tanning beds. The state's Republican Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll accused an ex-aide of illegally leaking information to the… »7/16/12 5:00pm7/16/12 5:00pm